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SMSTS Course in Brighton

How to Book SMSTS Course in Brighton?

SMSTS is the shortened form for Site Managers Safety Training Scheme, which provides course for the site managers and the workers who are about to be responsible for monitoring, organizing and controlling the workers at the construction site. This is a five-day-long course that is required to be undertaken by those who are willing to work as site managers. It is important to have a legal card from the certified organization to work in the construction sector. If you are looking to book an SMSTS course in Brighton, then you may take assistance from They also provide other services and courses like the SMSTS course or the Level 1 Health and Safety Course, which are required to get any type of construction card.

The course mainly concentrates on the need for risk assessment and all other aspects related to the safety of the worker in industries like construction and civil engineering. The course highlights the reason required to implement safety and control measures.

On the successful completion of the course, an individual will be aware of the following:

  • Implementation of all safety, health, environmental legislation that will affect the worker during their daily work.
  • The responsibilities and duties for the safety, health, environment, and welfare of the employees.
  • Implementing safer industry practices and guidelines.

Who should attend the course?

The SMSTS course specially designed for the Site managers, supervisors and agents with the objective of managing the health and safety on the construction working site. These safety measures are in accordance with the current legal provisions that are made for the management or supervisory roles. SMSTS aims to create a better understanding and awareness of the responsibilities and accountability, which is required for site safety and the welfare of the workers. Thus, the site could be recognized as a safe site that is productive, efficient and economical.

The applicant should attend the full 5-day course in order to become a manager at the site. In the end, the candidate will be awarded a certificate that will act as identity proof for the demonstration of the working capabilities of a site manager or supervisor. It is the responsibility of the manager to look for the safety and welfare of the employees on the construction site.

SMSTS course covers the following areas:

  • Behavioural safety required at the construction site.
  • Management of occupational health of the workers on the construction site.
  • Management of the site and its regulation.
  • Better risk assessment.
  • Safety measures to be taken while scaffolding or working at height.
  • Changes made in the construction work practices.

How to book an SMSTS course?

To work as a site manager, it is important to qualify for the course. Booking an SMSTS course is not a difficult task. One can easily book an SMSTS course in Brighton with We provide a range of site safety courses including the SSSTS course, SMSTS course and Level 1 Health and Safety Course, which provide the necessary certification to work in a construction firm in the UK.

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