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Traffic Marshal Course in Manchester

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How to Book Traffic Marshal Course in Manchester

The number of incidents involving manoeuvring and reversing vehicles at worksites is increasing at an alarming rate. Out of which majority of the fatalities occur due to inappropriate movement of vehicles. Therefore, concerned employers should undertake steps to make sure accident rates are reduced at the site. Delegates should be given training by conducting a Traffic Marshal Course in Manchester.

Mission of Traffic Marshal Course

  1. The banks man-training course educates delegates on how to track the safest way to manoeuvre and reverse vehicles at confined spots. It would enable them to get familiar with danger areas, how to guide massive vehicles by using hand signals.
  2. Traffic Marshal Course is exclusively designed for students whose responsibility is to reverse and manoeuvre vehicles on and off-sites.
  3. One of the benefits of attending the above-mentioned course is that delegates would recognize the significance of handling vehicles in a safe and secure manner.
  4. Another major advantage of pursuing the course is that it would help them to identify potential risks involved. This is helpful for them to direct vehicles using precise hand signals.
  5. The course covers topics like existing legislation, accident statistics, theory paper, practical exercises and assessment

The course aims at guiding both pedestrians and vehicles in finding a safe access route. It is possible only through the implementation of accurate control measures to bring down potential hazards. The roles and responsibility of delegates include monitoring movement of vehicles and people in and around the work sites.

Duration of course

Prospective students will get acquainted with Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, Management of Health and Safety at Work 1999, Construction, Health, Safety and Welfare. They will be given an overview of how to track danger spots whilst reversing and manoeuvring vehicles. Awareness Certificate of Training awarded to delegates is valid for three years. It is a 3B fully accredited course that is best suited for candidates who wish to operate vehicles. Besides that, the course module focuses on how to transport goods from spot to another. Upon successful completion of course, trained delegates will be able to recognize potential risks and hazards, picking the right equipment’s and vehicles to execute a job safely. Hands-on signal is administered to drivers in order to ensure safe driving within the worksites.

However, students are accessed via short assessment paper during the end of the Traffic Marshal Course. It is an excellent opportunity for delegates to gain a deep insight about reversing vehicles at narrow edges and confined spots. This is also helpful for them to implement appropriate signals in order to overcome danger signals. Acquiring basic skills would enable them to handle massive and articulated vehicles with ease.

Each student is provided comprehensive training and guidance from support staffs. Even oral tests are conducted to make sure candidates struggling with learning issues could access training and attain success. Traffic Marshal Course in Manchester guarantees multiple benefits for an organization as it reduces accidents.

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