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Trends in Construction

2021 Trends in Construction

It is time to embrace the exciting and innovative new developments that are occurring in the construction industry in 2021. The industry is constantly changing and developing; In the past year, we have begun to pay more attention to issues of sustainability and the integration of technology into construction practice. These trends are likely to continue in the coming year, changing the construction and project management landscape in becoming more sophisticated, efficient, and environmentally friendly. For this article, our team at Construction Helpline have identified important trends that will be pivotal in shaping the future of the construction industry.

Integration of Technological Advances into the Construction Process

Technology is an ever-evolving commercial frontier that generates tidal waves across society and the construction industry. The survival of this industry depends on technologies ability to progress and its workforce to continue improving their skill set – one trend we see occurring just over the horizon, are project managers implementing specialised planning technology in their strategy.

Drones, 3D Printers, Licenses – the industry is moving beyond subordinate software’s and shallow business models. Drones are useful for taking aerial photographs and videos of the landscape and building structures while overlooking security risks. 3D Printers make construction life significantly safer, and easier. This clever device generates flexible design prototypes without compromising on the detail, quality, and integrity.

Trends towards increased focus on structural stability

In most cities and countries around the world, buildings and facilities are being redeveloped. According to research, sustainable construction is slowly becoming the centre point of building and will remain an important trend in 2021. Often referred to as “Green Building,” it is a construction technique to build in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way. The commercial development industry is likely to witness an increase in secondary renovation as well as the reuse of waste in new structures.

In recent months, we have seen the use of coal scrubbers for building facades, bricks from recycled cigarette butts, and heat-driven air conditioners. Increasing use of green space on facades in commercial buildings will also be a common feature and building trend, as more builders recognize the multiple benefits, including improved energy efficiency.

Improved equipment and safety measures

In an industry with more accidents and accidents at work than any other, there is an increased demand for more effective safety measures. Following this knowledge, a new wave of technologies has emerged to make construction sites safer.

Reduction of the labour force

Job shortages continue to be a concern for the entire construction industry. The decline in real estate investment is a major challenge for many job managers. Insufficient technical training exacerbates this problem, along with an increase in the number of young people looking for other career paths instead of construction.

To combat this, construction companies and managers must pay attention to offering ongoing on-site training to improve skills and competencies. While the construction industry is constantly growing and in demand, growth will be slower than expected.

It is also worth noting the serious impact of COVID-19 in the construction industry. This  pandemic has led to several negative moments in the field of development including:

  • Stopping the construction of several facilities during the isolation period. According to polls, every fifth company has at least one object stopped.
  • The rise in prices for many groups of building materials up to 25%. In many cases, such an increase in value is associated with speculation in connection with a shortage of goods on the market.
  • Labour shortages have also been exacerbated by COVID. Thus, every second interviewed head of the company noted the problem of providing construction sites with workers.

We have dedicated an entire article about Coronavirus, and its implications to the construction industry – check it out here.


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