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How Can I Make My House More Christmassy?

With the arrival of December, the remnants of the autumn blues and gloomy rainy mood disappear as winter brings us closer to the most favorite time of the year – Christmas and New Year. From the first days of December, almost all shops, supermarkets, offices and even streets are transformed into a festive decoration. Our team at Construction Helpline suggests that you keep up with the holiday spirit and decorate your home for the upcoming holidays.

Home Decorating Ideas for Christmas and New Year

To decorate your home for the upcoming holidays, you do not have to seek help from designers. By combining together, a minimum of decorative materials, imagination, and a pinch of diligence, you can get an impressive result – a fabulous Christmas house.

Christmas trees in pots

The Christmas tree is the main attribute of Christmas, but what if there is not enough space in the house for this beauty? The best way out of the situation is to buy a small live Christmas tree in a container. It not only does not take up much space, but also will not crumble, which means that it will decorate your house for a much longer time than its bigger brethren.

Christmas tree branches as a replacement for a large Christmas tree

Continuing the theme of fir’s, we offer another option for replacing the classic Christmas tree. A few branches may well create a festive mood, if you show a little imagination and decorate them with style. For example, take a large spruce branch, hang it on the wall and dress it up. Or put some branches in a ceramic pot and decorate them with Christmas toys as well. Fast, simple, and very effective!

Variations on the theme of a Christmas wreath

Another striking element of Christmas decoration is a festive wreath, they hang it everywhere: on walls, windows, on the front door. This Christmas attribute looks organic and elegant everywhere around the house. And yet, it is a symbol of wealth and warmth of the family hearth.

Window Décor

When decorating the front door, do not forget about the other parts of the house- windows, it is much more fun to look at the winter cold through painted glass. But this is not the only way to give a window opening an elegant look. You can hang Christmas decorations from the cornice, you can decorate the windows with Christmas-themed stickers, you can hang a garland of homemade decorative elements … In other words, no one limits your imagination here.

Decorating windowsills

Following the windows, it would be nice to decorate the windowsill, it only seems that in such a small space of fantasy there is nowhere to roam. In fact, even on the most modest windowsill, you can create a real winter fairy tale. Place white candles on a silver tray on it and they will warm up the winter landscape outside the window or create a whole story by scattering artificial snow on the “scene” and adding characters to the plot.

From Construction Helpline, we hope that you stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.

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