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How to get a CSCS Card for Joiner?

Today, construction companies in the UK have made it mandatory to hold a valid Joiner CSCS card to secure a job. The application process of Joiner Construction Scheme Skills Card is very simple. All you need to do is to simply fill up a form or dial a helpline number 0207 1999800 of Construction Helpline. To procure a better Joiner CSCS card, candidates should undertake construction NVQ.

Students may register for NVQ via On-Site Assessment and training routes. There is absolutely no need to skip office work schedule in order to get qualified.

Which are the different types of Joiner CSCS cards?

  • Red Joinery CSCS card is designed for employees who do not possess NVQ
  • Blue Joinery CSCS card might need Level 2 NVQ and it is designed for skilled joiners
  • Gold Joinery CSCS card was exclusively introduced for workers belonging to top-level management like managers i.e. Level four and five.

What is meant by Joiners Mock Test Simulator?

Joiner Mock Test is currently one of the sought-after tools by aspirants to secure high marks and clear the exam. It comprises of thirty-eight questions based on topics like health, welfare, safety, behavioural case studies and environmental issues. In order to succeed, candidates should correctly answer 47 out of 50 questions. The estimated time to complete the test is about forty-five minutes. Based on skills and qualifications, candidates may apply for green, blue, red and gold CSCS cards.

Joinery is a process that involves patching up wood with a purpose to back up encircling materials. It is considered to be one of the vital elements in the field of construction. Joinery work is broadly classified into two.

  • Bench joinery includes marking, generating and laying joinery products
  • Site joinery involves the installation of materials. It is also referred to as first and second fixtures.

It is unsafe and unstable in the absence of support network buildings. Candidates should have excellent knowledge of mathematical knowledge, awareness of heights, health and safety. In addition, one should possess a very high degree of physical fitness.

What is the application process?

In order to undertake CSCS exam, there are options to book via online or reservation through phone. Students have to pay close attention especially while filling up the form. If necessary, seek the assistance of site supervisors at Construction Helpline.

Valuable tips and advice will be delivered to the delegates at the time of joining the course. Exams are tailor-made for the CSCS card and construction spots.

How to enhance chances of clearing the CSCS exam and procure the card?

It does not matter whether you have gained years of experience in the construction field, it is essential to revise study materials multiple times to succeed. Numerous study materials can be downloaded via the official website of Construction Helpline. Course materials are distributed in the form of mock test questions.

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