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I haven't Got an NVQ Can i still Get a CSCS Card

I Haven’t Got An NVQ, Can I Still Get A CSCS Card?

We all know by now that a CSCS Card is arguably the best way of showcasing your qualifications when working in the construction industry. But what happens if you don’t yet have those qualifications to your name? That’s exactly what we’re here to find out.

There are two requirements that need to be met in order to attain a card; you need to have passed a CSCS test (a Health and Safety Environment test) and you need to have a National Vocational Qualification to your name that’s relevant to your trade.The system is designed to accommodate most eventualities though, say, if you’ve got plenty of experience on the job but you never had the opportunity to take an NVQ.

A lot of experts in their field ended up ‘falling’ into their career. They accrue a lot of experience and expertise by learning as they go along, getting the actual work done so to speak, not through a qualifying scheme. CSCS recognises that this kind of experience is every bit as beneficial as taking an NVQ, so certain cards can be gotten as long as a few alternative conditions are met.

It’s possible to apply for a Green CSCS card without an NVQ course, all that’s required is a recommendation letter from your employer and a passed CSCS test. It’s also possible to get a Red CSCS card as an Experienced Worker with at least one year worth(in the last three) of on the job experience and a pass on the relevant test.

For higher level, technical, supervisory or management positions, it’s possible to get a Red CSCS Card under certain stipulations; it’s designed to be a stop gap on your way to getting a Gold or Black card. To qualify for a Red Card, you need to pass the Health & Safety Environment test and be registered for a NVQ. That way, when you pass you’ll be all set up to apply for the Golf or Black card. These temporary Red cards are non-renewable but they last for three years, allowing plenty of time to achieve that NVQ!

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