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Is Relevant CSCS Card can Create More Impact on Construction Industry?

Is relevant CSCS Card can create more impact in Construction Industry?

The CSCS Card is an important and mandatory obligation for anyone who is working in the Construction Industry. A CSCS Card is gained by passing the appropriate CSCS Test, which is a multiple choice test all about Health and safety on a Construction site. Health and Safety needs to be taken very seriously when on site as there is heavy machinery and very corrosive materials on many Construction sites.

It is a legal obligation, that all employers check that any of their employees who will be going on a Construction site, must have a CSCS Card. Also, that the card is valid and in date as most cards expire after 5 years.

cscs card impact and importance in construction industry

A CSCS Card can only be gained by passing the appropriate CSCS Test. This test comprises of 50 multiple choice questions and has a duration of 45 minutes. The test is all about health and safety on site. However, all construction trades differ and the risk of working on site will differ from one site to another. Therefore , it is important that an individual takes the correct CSCS test depending upon their current job description and level of responsibility i.e may be a manager or supervisor.

The CSCS Card is important because it provides the evidence that any individual who works or visits a Construction site are fully aware of the health and safety implications. It also ensures that an individual does not pose a risk to other fellow colleagues whilst on a Construction site.

Even people who may be visiting the Construction site are obliged to have a card. Therefore, this shows not only is the CSCS Card important from a legal point of view, but also from a health and safety point of view.

There are many Construction NVQ’s (National Vocational Qualification’s) that can be taken. There are many different levels of NVQ  that can be achieved. The higher the level of NVQ that can be achieved, the higher the level of CSCS Card that is achieved. It is very beneficial for a candidate to do as a high a level of NVQ as they can achieve. Not only does it increase the level of expertise the candidate has in their field, but also the candidate can gain a higher level CSCS Card.

The other important factor of having a card is that the individuals profession is displayed on the CSCS Card. There are many different types of CSCS Card which can be gained depending on the individuals profession and level of expertise. The CSCS Card that an individual holds can be a great selling point for potential employers.

The Construction field is a highly competitive field, like many professions. It is important for candidates to stand out from the rest. The best way to stand out is to have the highest level of CSCS Card possible which can only be obtained through achieving high levels of NVQ.

In all, the importance and impact of the CSCS Card in the Construction Industry is vast, not only from a legal point of view but also for potential job prospects. The higher the level of CSCS Card an individual holds the more likely they are to be employed in their particular Construction field.

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