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The importance of a Gold CSCS card

Holding a CSCS card in the construction industry is one of the few ways in which you can get access on-site and is arguably the most important piece of information to hold when entering a construction site. Regarding site supervisory, one of the most important roles on any construction project, owning a gold CSCS card is essential. This article will discuss what is a gold CSCS card and the importance they have. 

What is a Gold CSCS card? 

Under CSCS, the Constructions Skills Certification Scheme, construction professionals are required to own a CSCS card to work on-site as it is proof that you are aware of relevant health and safety regulations. Gold CSCS cards are seen as a level above the blue skilled worker card, specialised for workers who have advanced knowledge in a specific discipline and those who wish to pursue a supervisory role. 

What are the different types of Gold CSCS cards? 

The gold CSCS card comes in 2 variations: 

  • Supervisory = ideal for workers seeking roles in site supervisory and technical occupations. This will involve overseeing the work of others to ensure they are performing their jobs correctly.  
  • Advanced Craft = ideal for workers who have advanced knowledge of a particular construction discipline within the sector 

Both types of CSCS gold card’s require applicants to complete a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test within the last 2 years of a gold card application. Passing a CITB test shows you are aware of the basics when it comes to on-site health and safety. 

Why is a Gold CSCS card important? 

Gold CSCS cards are important as they provide a bridge from being a ‘skilled worker’ to managerial roles. Holding a gold CSCS card requires applicants to have completed a construction related level 3/4 NVQ, which is the entry requirements for site supervisors and advanced skilled workers needed to apply for the black CSCS manager card, one of the highest qualified CSCS cards. Any construction worker wishing to gain a managerial card will have to acquire a gold CSCS card first. 


If you wish to get a gold CSCS card, or any other CSCS card, trusted affiliate sites including Construction Helpline provide some of the best online construction training services in the UK. In our efforts to digitise construction training, all CSCS cards can be applied for online, for the convenience of our customers. 


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