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What skills do you need for a black CSCS card?

What skills do you need for a black CSCS card? 

A skilled worker in construction is one that is always being sort after by contractors and employers, as qualified and experienced workers are not as common as they used to be, as many of which are approaching retirement. With the black CSCS card being focused on individuals that hold management positions in construction, there are some skills every construction manager must have to help successfully complete their duties. This article will discuss the skills that black CSCS card holders should have and how they aid members who hold construction management positions. 

What is a black CSCS card? 

A CSCS card is presented when entering a construction site to show that the owner is aware of the health & safety measures when completing tasks on-site. A black CSCS card is one of the highest-level CSCS cards available for those that currently hold or want to get into a managerial/technical occupation. Although they are not yet a legislative requirement, nearly all construction companies across the UK require workers of all levels to have a CSCS card. 

In order to gain a black CSCS card, applicants need to have a valid MAP CITB test and a relevant construction related qualification, preferably a level 5/6/7 NVQ. 


One of the main skills any black CSCS card holder needs is sound written and verbal communication. As a manager in construction, it is likely that you will be interacting with all individuals involved in a project, from stakeholders, contractors, suppliers and labourers. Construction projects being completed on time is usually due to good communication between all parties. With the construction manager being the central point of communication, it is their role to make sure this happens. 

Team Management 

Another valuable skill black CSCS card owners have is the ability to ensure effective collaboration between team members on a construction project. Just like communication, team management is essential in making sure all teams involved in a construction project work towards the same goal, ensuring the estimated completion date does not overrun. 


Furthermore, having the skill of assertion is another beneficial ability to possess when applying for a black CSCS card. Assertiveness can be seen as the ability to be confident and self-assured, without being aggressive or demeaning – a positive attribute to possess when dealing with multiple workers with different personalities. Assertiveness is more than just displaying authority, but it can be used to make others understand your reasoning if there is a disconnect, allowing a reachable solution to be met even if there is a disagreement.  

Openness to Feedback 

Being receptive to constructive criticism is another invaluable skill that can benefit any black CSCS card holder. Accepting possible corrections from employees, clients & colleagues and implementing their feedback on-site can help promote a more positive working environment, letting them know they are free to share observations with you. 


It is important to note that having all these skills is not a prerequisite to being a black CSCS card holder or manager in construction, but rather a guide to the qualities that make black CSCS card owners thrive in their desired managerial/technical occupation.  


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