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Health and Safety Course

Why should you take the Health and Safety Course?

At Construction Helpline Ltd we can offer you content-filled, introductory Health and Safety course that will enable you to have a better overview of how to stay safe at the construction site.  Not only we ensure you have access to all the knowledge about how to be safe, but we also advise you on how to take precautions while at work.

Creating a safe construction site should be a collective responsibility. It is an important task among everyone at the construction site to look after themselves as well as others. By completing this course, you will gain understanding of health and safety at the construction site and, what to do or not to do in certain circumstances. The correct application of the knowledge, combined with the compliance to the best practice and industry standards, will help decrease probability of accidents and injuries.

Do you want to make your and other people’s jobs easier? We’ve got this! Better training increases the chances of a more satisfying career, a safer environment which also results in a higher productivity, job satisfaction and future employability. Not only you will be highly regarded by employers, but you will still have a 5-year validity that ensures your certificate for this course. The courses offered by Construction Helpline Ltd are widely recognised within the industry.

The successful completion of the course is required by the industry standards. Don’t be left behind! Complete your course today! Construction Helpline Ltd also offers revision materials which are available to purchase on our website.

For more information about the Health and Safety environment-course please visit our website https://www.constructionhelpline.com/

If you have any further questions about the course or how to apply, please contact us via the e-mail below:

[email protected]

or call us on 020 7199 9800


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