Sample Test Paper

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Construction Help Line provides little insight to its customers as what kind of questions they may have to answer at the test centre.

(Note: Questions below are for reference purposes only and SHOULD NOT be considered as exam questions at any instance!)

Question 1 : On building sites, the recommended safe voltage for electrical equipment is?
1. 110 volts
2. 180 volts
3. 130 volts
4. 80 volts
Question 2 : During site induction, you do not understand something the presenter says. What should you do?
1. Ask the presenter to explain the point again.
2. Just ignore it.
3. Ask after induction.
4. Search online.
Question 3 : When you lift a load manually, you must
1. Keep your back straight and use the strength in your leg muscles to lift.
2. pick it with your hands
3. Ask someone else to help
4. bend your back and loosen your leg muscles.
Question 4 : Direct sunlight on bare skin can cause
1. Skin cancer
2. Pneumonia
3. Fever
4. Sunburn
Question 5 : How many people should be on a ladder at the same time?
1.  1
2.  4
3.  5
4.  2
Question 6 : If you think someone has broken leg, you should
1. Send for the first aider or get other help.
2. Keep doing your work.
3. Call 911.
4. Tell your manager
Question 7 : The COSHH regulations deal with
1. The safe use of hazardous substances.
2. Safe use of asbestos material.
3. Health Safety & Environment Test.
4. N/A
Question 8 : You need to work in a corridor that is a fire escape route. You must see that
1. Your tools and equipment do not block the route.
2. You do not carry any tools.
3. Your tools are in the middle of the route.
4. N/A
Question 9 : When is site transport allowed to drive along a pedestrian route?
1. Only if necessary and if all pedestrians are excluded.
2. Only if pedestrians are passing by.
3. No transport allowed.
4. N/A
Question 10: An excavation must be supported if
1. There is a risk of the sides falling in.
2. Risk of people standing there.
3. Risk of one side different to the other.
4. N/A