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In the UK, the individuals who are employed in construction industries, contractors and personnel should possess a valid CPCS card. It implies that he/she does meet the required standards for performing various tasks in the field of construction. We shall now discuss about which group of people should carry a CPCS card and how to procure one. Additionally, you will also get to know the way to apply for CPCS card.

What is CPCS Card?

CPCS is an industry-standard certification ensuring that individuals do have adequate skills and knowledge to execute activities as a plant operator at construction sites. Once you get it, you can get the facility of CPCS card renewal.

However, competence and knowledge are broadly classified into various segments including health and safety, plant competence and professional construction. One of the highlights with respect to CPCS card is that employers could assure that their staffs are flexible and competent to carry out plant operation. The cardholders should keep updating on industry developments by taking part in refresher courses.

Why is it mandatory to hold a valid CPCS card?

The ultimate goal of the CPCS scheme is to make sure plant operators, employers adhere to standards of health and safety norms.

This is very helpful in enhancing approach towards security and safety within the construction industry. Moreover, one can avert fine which could be imposed by higher-level authorities in case if it fails to comply with industry standards, rules and regulations.  Therefore, it is mandatory to hire only those individuals who possess a valid Construction Plant Competence Scheme card. They are capable of safeguarding plant and machinery installed in factories.

Today, the majority of the plant operators belonging to the prominent contractor’s group should be CPCS cardholder to be eligible for certain positions. For other details such as CPCS card price, etc. just visit the official site.

How to procure a CPCS Card?

Trained Operator Card, Competent Operator Card and Tester Card are some of the three major cards that fall under the CPCS scheme. The above-mentioned cards demand theory and practical tests which have to be taken from a recognized test centres. Apart from that, candidates are requested to display their innate abilities via on-going documentation like a professional logbook.

  • Trained operator card which is also known by the name Red CPCS Card is the initial step that is issued to candidates for two-year duration. It is a non-renewable card.
  • Competent operator card which is also known as Blue CPCS Card has validity for about five years and is renewable. It is currently one of the sought after card by plant operators as it is active for a longer time.
  • Tester card is considered to be one of the highly advanced cards that are issued to only those individuals who have successfully exhibited their skills and expertise associated with plant operations. These cards are sometimes referred to as the Black Card.

Candidates are eligible for higher positions if they can procure a valid CPCS card.

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