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RT62 Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor Test

A supervisor is a person who is responsible for looking after the normal working of each section within the construction site. As the task has to be accomplished perfectly, it is just that only a qualified professional can be hired as a supervisor. The task can get risky if you need to supervise crane-related operations. RT62 crane/lifting operations supervisor test is for professionals who plan to work on this post within the construction industry.

What is the RT62 Crane/Lifting Operations Supervisor?

Being a supervisor, you may have to perform different types of tasks at the job site. The test is one of the ways to check with your skill level within various fields at the job site. When undergoing this test, you will be exposed to different work areas.

Your main work would be to look into the normal works at the site related to handling load lifting cranes.

  • It is also important for you to maintain safety at the work site when the crane is being used for shifting heavy load from one place to another.
  • You may also be responsible for coordinating with your team members to help complete the job at the work site.
  • It is also the job of a crane supervisor to decide if the operator hired to operate a particular crane is performing his task efficiently as per the job order.

Why is it required?

One of the main reasons candidates need to undergo this test is to check with their skills to handle and carry out each operation perfectly. As the operations may require candidates to work on different types of cranes and lifting machines, so the test will help check with each candidates skill and knowledge related to tools and equipment.

The test is also a competency test that is mandatory for candidates who want to seek a bright future in the construction industry with supervisory jobs. When opting for this test, you can go through the course material provided by construction helpline, so you are aware of all the skills you need to possess.


In order to qualify for being hired as a supervisor in crane handling operations, candidates are expected to meet strict guidelines put forward by the hiring committee.

  • One of the most important criteria is that each candidate who wants to apply for this test has to hold a valid CPCS card within the crane operations at the workplace.
  • Besides, it is also important for candidates to hold all documents that may prove his level of skills with performing his task at the workplace.
  • In case the operator might have worked with different types of cranes and load lifting machines, then he will have to provide complete detailed information of his previous experience.

Applying for the supervisory post means that the candidate will have to score passing grades in each section of the test. It includes testing his skills with practical and theory related to his knowledge at the work site.

How to apply?

With construction helpline, the process of filling an application for the Blue CPCS card is much simpler. Candidates will have to log on to the web portal and go through the course material provided. Once confident, the candidate can get registered for the blue card from the web portal itself. The company offers candidates with convenience to appear for CPCS renewal test online itself via their website. You can also access www.constructionhelpline.com for further help.

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