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Industrial Forklift Trucks Level 2 NVQ

Industrial Forklift Trucks is a high powered industrial machine that is designed to raise and transport materials to short distances. Some of the prominent companies like Clark, Yale and Towne Manufacturing introduced forklift trucks back in the twentieth century. It had gained immense popularity ever since World War II. Industrial Forklift Trucks is currently one of the essential pieces of equipment in production and warehousing.

Industrial Forklift Trucks Level 2 NVQ program is focused on aspirants who wish to pursue their career as forklift truck operators. NVQ Level 2 Industrial Forklift Trucks covers topics related to the preparation and operation of forklift trucks. Candidates are requested to arrange a portfolio of work-based evidence containing an on-site assessment. It would take approximately six months for the students to complete the CPCS course. They will be provided constant support and guidance based on the tasks committed.

The predecessors of contemporary forklift were powered manually that are designed to raise loads. Launch of hydraulic power and creation of electric power forklift have enhanced the popularity of forklift trucks.

Those candidates who have possessed a RED CPCS Trained Operators Card will be eligible to procure a Blue CPCS competence card. Construction NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Industrial Forklift Trucks is a type of activity meant for experienced workers. Some of the categories included in the above-mentioned qualification are as follows:

  • Telehandler Forklift NVQ
  • Reach Truck NVQ
  • Telescopic Forklift NVQ
  • Counter Balance Forklift NVQ
  • Rugged terrain Forklift NVQ

The Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations— Fork Lift Truck qualification is exclusively designed to determine and develop innate abilities, competency, and skills of the candidates. It is to make sure that candidates can handle forklift trucks in the construction industry. In order to obtain the qualification, candidates are required to collect work-based evidence that includes the following:

  • Regular plant checks duly signed by concerned operators, manager or a fitter.
  • Presenting method statements as well as risk assessments
  • Attach copies of CPCS Card along with relevant training certificates

Apart from the above mentioned, only candidate and assessor declare documents valid. Upon gathering evidence by the candidate and it is ready to be accessed, concerned assessors would visit the site and supervise the activities carried over by the candidates. The students are required to take part in the Question and Answer session during the assessment process. If the assessors are satisfied with the evidence presented by candidates, they are automatically qualified for the further verification process.

Some of the major practical skills and knowledge gained by the students at the worksite are as follows:

  1. Preparation and operation of forklift trucks in rugged terrains
  2. Transferring materials or heavy loads from one location to another
  3. Preparation and operation of telescopic handlers to raise objects within the workplace

Wrap Up:

The major benefits of attending the course related to NVQ level 2 Industrial Forklift Trucks is that students will be able to display their skills and knowledge to handle a forklift truck.

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