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CPCS Course

CPCS training scheme is primarily focused on offering proof of expertise, knowledge, and skills of plant operators. It is purely depended upon a blend of competence, experience on-site, and health and safety awareness. These are some of the major qualities required for individuals working as a plant operator. To be more effective, construction activities have to be executed instantly and in an effective manner.

Today, multiple recognized test centres are providing a diverse range of construction plant courses. The duration of each CPCS course, vary say one day to ten days. Accredited test centre is well equipped with a team of professionals who impart knowledge pertaining to the operation of the plant. They provide constant support and guidance to the candidates.

CPCS tests comprise of theoretical and practical examinations. Theory tests are fully recorded via testers and practical test are recorded in video format. Both these tests are monitored to ensure optimum quality and adherence to industry standards. After passing the examination, the student becomes eligible for a CPCS Card.

CPCS testing

CPCS testing needs to be completed at one of the recognized CPCS test centres. Some of the accredited test centres are located at Berkshire, Hampshire, Basingstoke, and Reading.

Cost of CPCS training course

  1. Construction Plant Competence Scheme 360 Excavator training course is applicable to the ones using diggers and excavators in construction activities.
  • A58: Excavator 360 degrees — below ten tonnes
  • A59: Excavator 360 degrees — above ten tonnes.

360 degrees excavator-training courses are broadly categorized into tracked and wheeled. Those candidates who take part in the A59 course (digger training) will be automatically qualified to operate both machines.

Based on the level of experience, the CPCS course options are accessible at foundational and experienced worker levels. The overall duration of A58 and A59 360 excavator courses is high when compared to various CPCS courses. Each course is subject to comprehensive training and practice sessions. Based on the level of experience, foundation courses extend to a period of about eight days. On the other hand, experienced courses operate for about two to four days.

Those candidates who desire to participate in the digger training course, implications vary when compared with a CITB registered company. Standard foundation A40 CPCS 360 Excavator course is longer when compared to an experienced worker course. CPCS courses consist of the below-mentioned elements.

  • Roles and responsibilities of a plant operator
  • Pre and post-use checks
  • Basic safety and inspection of the machinery
  • Attaching and removing buckets
  • Moving materials safely over rugged terrains
  • Configuration of the machine
  • Objectives, limitations, and potential of machines


To book a CPCS course, you need to make sure that you are familiar with standard booking terms and conditions. Individuals are required to register on the Pearson VUE website for the booking of CPCS course. After the registration process is complete, you need to log in to the official site and execute booking. There will be a onetime fee at the time of booking.

Interested candidates may call helpline number or visit official site to know further details.

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