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Red CPCS Card

CPCS card is issued to individuals who have successfully cleared theoretical and practical exams. CPCS Card scheme became operational in the year 2003.  Ever since its launch, more than three lakh cards were issued in different classes of plant and similar occupations. However, the management committees of CPCS have begun to review and revise the above-mentioned scheme on a regular basis.

Is it necessary to carry a CPCS card?

Those individuals who are employed in the field of construction should possess a valid CPCS card. Today, the majority of prospective employers demand their staffs to hold a CPCS card in order to demonstrate their innate abilities.

Out of which there are quite a few employers in non-construction organizations who do not insist on the CPCS card.

How to procure a Red Trained Operator Card?

CPCS Red Trained Operator Card is issued to candidates who succeed in completing theory and practical test organized by a recognized test centre. However, delegates are requested to accomplish CITB health, safety and environment test within the duration of about two-years before attempting CPCS Technical tests.

CPCS Red Trained Operator Card is valid only for two years and it is non-renewable. Candidates should be able to display their competence by taking part in NVQ within a stipulated time. It is essential to upgrade Red CPCS card to Blue CPCs card.

How to renew a Red Construction Plant Competence Scheme card?

There are two options for you to extend the current Red CPCS Card.

  • Carry a Red CPCS trained operator card twelve months from the date of expiry.
  • Candidates should register for SVQ and NVQ that is related to a particular category.

Delegates may seek assistance by dialling helpline number of CPCS. Then they are required to confirm each detail and pay a one-time fee. In addition, individuals need to present proof of SVQ/NVQ registration via mail. Note: Fees are non-refundable for the services rendered by the concerned company.

A brand new Red card is issued to the candidates through post/mail within twelve months.

Features of a Red Construction Plant Competence Scheme card

  • Holders of Red CPCS card are required to work under the supervision of a manager.
  • To procure a valid Red Construction Plant Competence Scheme card, delegates should have successfully cleared CITB HS&E tests and pass CPCS technical tests.
  1. Theory test (duration of two years after passing HS&E test)
  2. Practical test (must have passed the technical test within six months and two years after passing HS&E test)

However, categories of the test might vary depending upon the CPCS course picked by delegates. After successfully clearing relevant CPCS technical tests, concerned accredited test centre would automatically apply for a red trained operator card on behalf of candidates. There are also options to extend the CPCS card for another 12 months if delegates have registered for either SVQ or NVQ.

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