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SSSTS Course in Derby

How to Book SSSTS Course in Derby

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme is a two-day training program that is targeted towards people who are responsible for supervising construction, building, and civil engineering sectors. It is a recognized course accredited by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) as basic training for supervisors engaged in the field of construction.

What is the purpose of conducting the SSSTS training course?

Those individuals who have a question in mind on how to book the SSSTS course in Derby may visit nearby training centres. One of the major factors behind organizing the above-mentioned course is to spread awareness about the significance of health, safety, welfare, and environmental problems. It would lay special emphasis on legal responsibilities as a site supervisor to promote health and safety effectively.

During the final stage of the program, the delegates would be presented a certificate which implies that he/she has gained a better understanding of the below mentioned:

  • Adequate knowledge about health and safety and how it applies to the site supervisors
  • What are the roles and responsibilities as a site supervisor at the construction sites/
  • Risk assessments and the requirement for method statements

Apart from site supervisors, the SSSTS training course is best suited for first-line managers, foremen, gangers, and team leaders. It is an ideal option especially for the ones who are close to procuring supervisory duties and responsibilities.

What are the advantages of being an SSSTS certified?

SSSTS course is duly recognized as the basic pre-requisites for all the construction companies located in the UK. Apart from studying the program and receiving the certificate, there are additional benefits like the students will be able to upgrade their existing skills and implement it effectively while engaged in construction activities. Moreover, it is a mandatory course for those individuals who prefer to apply for a Gold CSCS card.

What is the validity period of an SSSTS certificate? 

SSSTS certificate is valid for up to five years. As a result, the students are required to apply for a refresher course soon before its expiry period. This program is meant for people who have successfully cleared the previous course and exam. It is a one day program that focuses on the latest trends in the health, safety, and welfare sector. This course also highlights a basic overview of legal changes and the launch of brand new subjects.

The SSSTS course in Derby also covers some of the previous topics studied. In the end, a touchscreen computer test is conducted. The candidates could also progress from the above mentioned to the SMSTS program.

What kind of topics is normally covered under the SSSTS training course?

The SSSTS training course covers core subjects associated with the health, welfare, risk assessments, safety laws and how to monitor the site tasks in an effective manner. It is primarily aimed towards honing the skills of the delegates and executes it. Interested candidates may visit the official site of the company and book the course immediately.

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