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SSSTS Course in Bristol

How to Book SSSTS Course in Bristol

Construction helpline is working alongside a group of professional training providers across the UK. They are currently delivering SSSTS courses to aspirants residing in Bristol. The concerned experts provide essential support and guidance to delegates who prefer to work in the field of construction. SSSTS course in Bristol is a two-day program, which focuses on health, welfare, and safety of engineers, site supervisors and managers.

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) of UK duly recognizes SSSTS courses. Certificates issued by them are valid up to five years. However, candidates do have the option to register for a refresher course and renew the certificate.

What are the course contents?

  1. Upcoming challenges faced by supervisors at workplaces
  2. Health and Safety at Work Act
  3. Occupational Health Supervision

Delegates who wish to get familiar with the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and managers may register for SSSTS course. By the end of the course, students would gain an in-depth knowledge of issues occurring in the industry. They would get familiar with the structure of health and safety law, industry standards, etc.  In addition, site managers and foreman will be able to recognize their duties and roles towards safeguarding the interest of their fellow.

On Day 1:-

  1. A brief overview of GE706 and SMSTS
  2. HSE and Enforcement, Health and Safety Laws, Acts and Regulations, Codes of practice
  3. Solo/Group exercise
  4. Classroom presentations
  5. Project analysis and review

On Day 2, SSSTS course will be covering the below-mentioned topics:

  1. Day one reviewable
  2. Control systems, Duty holders and Constructions regulations
  3. How to manually handle hazardous equipment’s?
  4. Course reviewable

The booking team of SSSTS Bristol would immediately pick up calls and respond to questions. There are also options to book SSSTS course in Bristol via online. This course also covers solo presentation in classrooms, course examination, results and reviewable.

What are the formal entry requirements to be considered for the SSSTS course?

Candidates should be able to read, write and speak English. Do not hesitate to contact the booking team of Bristol for further help related to course structure and pricing. If you prefer to appear for a refresher course, it should be immediately executed within ninety days. However, students have to carry a photo ID along with a copy of passport and driving license.

Who can attend this course?

SSSTS is a two-day program, which enables candidates to get familiar with roles and responsibilities. Booking team of Construction helpline recommends registering for refresher course prior two months before the date of expiry. Each year approximately ten thousands candidates register for this course. Taking into consideration the fatality rates, employees involved in the construction industry are provided a comprehensive training. It is helpful to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries.

SSSTS course in Bristol is currently an integral part of contemporary day construction supervisor training. Visit the official website of construction helpline and apply for the SSSTS course from the wide range of available construction courses.

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