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Health Safety and Environment Specialist HVACR Test (Heating and Plumbing)

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Why is Health Safety and Environment Specialist HVACR test (heating and plumbing) important?

The CITB health, safety and environment specialist tests are a medium to enhance the standard of the construction industry. In other words, it is a security check to access construction sites and is a must for construction students. The construction workers and site managers should qualify certain tests to be eligible to be present on the construction site. The heating and plumbing test is one such test which needs to be qualified by people undertaking certain professions and trades.

What is it and why is it required?

HVACR stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. It is a theory of mechanical engineering based on the concept of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics which aims at improving the indoor air quality and provides thermal comfort.

Workers of the HVACR industry must pass this test to be able to work proficiently. This knowledge is required during the construction of any building, be it one room apartments, or large industrial complexes. This concept is also used in vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, submarines, ships and so on. Workers handling the plumbing tasks must qualify the plumbing and heating test to work in construction sites.

Plumbers should definitely pass this test to work on construction sites legally. They can first have their high school diploma with a foundation in math and science background, and then they can opt for a formal technical program or training. After this the workers can get licensed and earn their EPA certificates. Without the CSCS certificate in heating and plumbing specialization test, the workers should not be allowed in the construction site, keeping in mind the overall safety and health factor. This should also ensure that no discrepancy is caused to the quality of work.

How to apply for the HVACR heating and plumbing test?

Upon deciding the category of the specialization test, the candidate can book the plumbing and heating specialist test by filling the form online by registering your details or by a direct phone call or the form can be downloaded and sent by post. The test is conducted in accredited centers on a touch screen based Personal Computer.

The HVACR plumbing and heating test can be passed if a student answers 40 questions correctly out of 48 questions. The duration of the test is 45 minutes. A lot of practice papers are available on various websites for students to estimate their position before they sit to take the test. Many websites also offer mock tests which help the candidates to prepare for the tests.

We at Construction Helpline are always available for any queries regarding CSCS Card, and CITB tests and training the candidates. You can reach us by simply calling us on the number 0207 199 9800. We have helped a lot of people who have passed the health, safety and environment tests and CSCS plumbing and heating test and have acquired a CSCS card.

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