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Free Training in Drylining for Unemployed & Self-employed

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we are happy to announce that, in collaboration with FIS (Finishes & Interior Sector), we will be delivering a series of free, government funded Skills Bootcamps in Drylining between October 2022 to March 2023 in London and Birmingham. The Skills Bootcamps are a part of the ‘Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee’, providing people with the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with an employer. These courses are fully funded and free for all learners who meet the criteria profile for the training.

Why Drylining?

There is currently a skills gap within the finishing & interior sector of construction, with many of the skilled workers approaching retirement and pension ages and Drylining is one of those professions strongly impacted. This means that once your training is complete and you are qualified, you’ll be in high demand and with few skilled professionals in the industry, you will make great progression in your career in a short period of time. Promotion to supervisory positions and options for higher level NVQs are also available and is also possible to find contracts abroad. The employment potential of a career in drylining is one that can provide you with a great sense of fulfilment.

How will the training be scheduled?

Our program involves 6 weeks training at a training centre in either Mitcham (Southwest London) or Birmingham, which will then be followed by a 6 week work trail with an employer. There are currently two pathways in the Skills Bootcamp we are providing:

The Unemployed pathway = 6 week bootcamp + 2 week work trial

In this pathway candidates are required to be unemployed or be general Level 1 labourers who do not hold a recognised construction qualification in a specific trade. This pathway includes practical and skills knowledge training through the first 6 weeks, followed by a 2 week work trial prior to an interview with an employer for a Drylining contract for a minimum of 12 weeks and further support to complete a Level 2 NVQ in Drylining to qualify for a Blue CSCS card.

The Self-employed pathway = Advanced masterclasses available if required

This pathway is tailored for individuals with semi-experience or self-employed, looking to take the next steps in their career. This training is applicable to residential builders, who are struggling to find regular work and are unemployed, looking to broaden their work opportunities for work via gaining a Level 2 NVQ qualification within the commercial construction sector.


We are more than excited for this new venture with Skills For Life and registration for the first dates of training start from Monday 10th October 2022 for both unemployed and self-employed pathways. Construction Helpline is an Equal Opportunities Employer and we encourage applications from underrepresented groups within construction from both the BAME as well as women, both of which there is still a very low percentage when compared with other industries. For full details about the Skills Bootcamp click here and if you feel you meet the requirements and are interested in Drylining as a career, apply today!


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