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Skills needed for a Gold CSCS card

With 56% of construction organisations experiencing skills shortage during 2020, having skilled construction professionals are constantly in demand from contractors and employers. With the gold CSCS card being focused on professionals who have an advanced skillset and those seeking to be site supervisor’s, there are some soft skills that can be beneficial when holding a gold CSCS card – this article will discuss these skills. 


For the gold CSCS supervisory card, possessing leadership qualities can be gratefully beneficial in becoming a respected site supervisor. Team building as well as being a natural motivator are both leadership qualities that can be beneficial for construction supervisors. Being that a leader is someone who can help their team succeed at work during challenging situations and advance their careers, the experience you have gained in order to achieve a gold CSCS card will come into play when mentoring your team members. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Having the ability to communicate well with other people is greatly valued when holding a gold CSCS card. Whether you hold the advanced craft or the site supervisory gold CSCS card, being someone who’s employees/workers with less experience than you feel comfortable communicating with creates a healthy work relationship with your team. 


Another skill that helps when holding a gold CSCS card is the ability to make sound, important decisions for your team. By using critical thinking, you can help establish a decision-making process that helps you make smart and quick decisions. Construction projects can face many challenges so it is important to make decisions with an unbiased lens, solely making choices that will benefit your team and company. 


Although it is not a must that you possess these skills when holding a gold CSCS card, having skills like these can help make you standout when working your way up the construction ladder while making your current role easier to manage. 


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