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SEATS course in Brighton

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Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme or SEATS course in Brighton is a one-day training program that is meant for site managers and site supervisors. The main purpose of conducting SEATS training course is to provide a basic overview of health, welfare, safety, and environmental issues. Apart from that, it covers various other aspects related to construction sites.

What are the formal entry requirements for the SEATS course?

The candidates must be at least eighteen years of age to be considered for a position at a construction site located in the UK. Besides, they must be well versed in written, reading and spoken English.

What kind of topics is covered under the above-mentioned program?

  • What is the importance of conserving and protecting the environment?
  • Waste Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • How to prevent pollution?
  • Implementing water management
  • How to be a good neighbour?

What is the benefit of participating in SEATS course in Brighton?

The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme is a program, which would keep the candidates abreast of upcoming trends in health, welfare, legislation and industry best practices. This is also helpful for the delegates to track, manage and reduce the adverse impact of construction on the environment. Moreover, it is useful for them to get familiar with possible opportunities related to the improvement of the environment.

What are the course contents?

During the final stages of the training program, the delegates are required to participate in ‘Being responsible’ group discussion. It is a platform where candidates are encouraged to share ideas on how to incorporate relevant changes at the construction site based on the knowledge gained through the course. It consists of case studies, exercises and appears for the multiple-choice test paper.

What is the outcome of the SEATS training course?

Upon successful completion of the training program, the candidates are presented with a valid SEATS certificate, which is valid for five years and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) accredits it. This certificate has been currently made a mandatory requirement by the majority of the construction companies located in the UK. To secure a job at some of the prominent firms in the UK, the candidates are required to display the certificate. It is proof that he/she is competent and has possessed relevant skills as well as qualifications to work as a site supervisor or site manager at the construction sites.


SEATS course in Brighton is indisputably one of the recommended training programs that provide in-depth knowledge about health, welfare, safety, and environment to the aspirants. Concerned tutors would monitor their performance throughout the course and during the final stages; they are supposed to take part in a multiple-choice exam that covers various topics related to health, safety. Those who succeed in clearing the test will be awarded a certificate that is valid for five years. They have the option to register for a refresher course and update the relevant topics before appearing for the refresher test paper.

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