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SEATS Course in Doncaster

How to Book SEATS Course in Doncaster

SEATS refer to Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme that is meant for site supervisors and site managers. Those who are aiming towards attaining a higher managerial position may consider applying for this program. To take part in the SEATS Training coursedelegates should have gained a better understanding of written and spoken English.

What is the objective of the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme?

The primary goal of the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme is to enable students to get familiar with the environmental impacts of the construction process. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for them to understand best practice methods and implement it at the construction sites.

Which topics are covered under the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme?

  • What is the significance of the Environment?
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Waste Management Policy
  • How to be a good neighbour?
  • Proper utilization of energy and resources

What are the benefits of undertaking the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme?

  • A major advantage of participating in the above-mentioned training program is that candidates will be able to execute best-practice methods at construction sites.
  • Administration and regulation of appropriate legislation
  • Gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts of the construction process
  • SEATS training program provide instant access to case studies, taking part in classroom discussions, group/solo presentations, and team-building exercise.

What is the significance of the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme certificate?

Upon successful completion of the SEATS training program, Construction Industry Training Board issue a certificate that is valid for five years. However, candidates are required to take up a refresher course of the same soon before its expiry. This is useful for them to keep updated.

One of the important factors to be taken into consideration is that delegates should inform concerned tutors if they are encountering any serious health and physical problems. Candidates who are taking medications will not be considered eligible to apply for the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme. 

Aspirants who are not willing to attend the training center and prefer to take up the course at a convenient location chosen by them have to make sure that there is an uninterrupted supply of power and adequate space to accommodate delegates. Besides, they have to make sure that the area is free from potential dangers and best suited to conduct training.

SEATS organized by the (CITB) offer comprehensive knowledge about safeguarding the environment from pollution and similar threats. A team of expert consultant trainers who have possessed years of experience delivers the SEATS training course.

The concerned tutors provide an outline of the Environmental Management System, waste management, how to prevent pollution, water and waste management policy. Apart from that, they would clearly describe how to be a good neighbour.


Interested delegates residing at Doncaster may navigate through the official site of CITB and register for the course since SEATS course in Doncaster is designed for them in an interactive manner.


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