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Issues revolving around the Environment are a major concern especially for the ones who are involved in the field of construction. The introduction of Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme has proven to be beneficial since it enables people to get familiar with the significance of conserving the environment. SEATS Training course assist the workers on how to implement measures to enhance the effect on the environment.

When an organization can perform effective environmental management, it brings in multiple benefits such as saving a considerable amount of money along with a better corporate image. Those individuals residing at Edinburgh and are looking forward to participating in the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme may navigate through the official site of CITB to complete the registration process.

What is the purpose behind organizing SEATS course in Edinburgh?

The primary objective behind conducting SEATS course in Edinburgh is to spread awareness of environmental issues that will affect the construction industry. It is a one-day program that is targeted at individuals who desire to secure higher managerial positions such as site supervisors and site managers. Today, the majority of the construction firms located in UK demand workers to gain in-depth knowledge regarding various aspects of environmental issues.

Which topics are covered under the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme?

  • Why is it essential to pay close attention to environmental issues revolving around the construction industry?
  • Why is it necessary to formulate environmental management systems?
  • How to implement best industry practices to safeguard the environment?
  • Complying with the environmental regulations
  • Getting familiar with the core issues and how activities are carried out at the construction sites?
  • How to be a good neighbour and proper means of communication
  • Effective management of energy, resources and utilizing it effectively.
  • Environmental Awareness Training Scheme organized by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) highlights do’s and don’ts. The concerned tutors encourage the delegates to raise questions and actively participate in the classroom discussions, group/solo presentations.

As per the new legislation, construction workers are required to display their skills and focus on reducing the overall environmental impact of the construction tasks.

What are the formal entry requirements to participate in the Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme?

  • A valid photographic ID
  • Parent consent for students aged below 18 in written format is required.

Those who fail to provide the above mentioned on the first day of the course will not permit the delegate to take part in the training. The candidates do have the option to claim grants by presenting a levy number at the time of registration.

How Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme program is assessed?

SEATS course accredited by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) assesses the delegates through organizing a multiple-choice question.


The Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme conducted by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) provides countless job opportunities for those aspirants who are willing to work in the field of construction industries.

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