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CSCS Card in Aylesbury

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Aylesbury?

The number of workers with skilled labour is increasing in the UK in the past few years. Companies are required to prove that employees are qualified to perform work in construction. There is specific legislation to ensure that every employee is legally protected.

To reduce the number of accidents and regulate the process of hiring workers in civil construction, the British government introduced in 1995 the use of the CSCS Card– identification card, which covers 220 occupations in the area, at all levels of qualification. The document serves as certification, proving to the employer that the employee is able to perform a particular service safely.

How to get the CSCS CARD to work in construction

The first step is to enrol in CITB Health, Safety and Environment test – proof that will test the practical knowledge of the area and notions of job security. It is necessary to pay attention because there are more than 10 different types of cards. Therefore, to register, you must first check which is the most appropriate for the kind of qualification and function that you want to exercise. The second step is to schedule the test, which can also be done by Internet or telephone.

There is a specific test for each category, and is valid for two years. After this process, it is necessary to contact by phone to make sure that it has been approved and to order the card, which will be delivered by mail in up to two weeks. Even if the worker does not have a placement in the market, the ideal is to apply for the card once you arrive in England.

A job that needs a CSCS card

Cleaning jobs require the employee to have the CSCS Card. The same happens in the construction industry, about the need to do all the documentation to be able to skilfully work in the states of the United Kingdom. This is an essential card for those who work in construction, as it is a legal requirement to carry on with work. Fashion also drew attention to the importance of taking a preparatory course, even for those who have previous experience. The courses run for five days with the intensive option. In this amount are included classes, payment of test fees, support in the process of choosing the card and scheduling the test.

Conclusion: motive and success

The Building Skills Certification Scheme was created in the UK to help the construction industry improve quality and reduce accidents. CSCS Card in Aylesbury is offered in many different areas of construction, including office and operational charts – technical, supervisory and management cards; and occupancy cards related to construction. This card is a complete milestone that any worker must have to prove their abilities, specialties, creativities, skills, endurance and master craft.

If you want to achieve the identity of your master skills and want to be recognized by the top construction companies, you can log on to Construction Helpline to get the necessary help to get your CSCS Card today.

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