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CSCS Card in Isle of Benbecula

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Isle of Benbecula?

To have a fully qualified and safety trained workforce in an industry as competitive and risky as construction is the need of the time. A life lost whether in a big city or a small town is terrible all the same. It’s for this very reason that owning a CSCS Card in Isle of Benbecula has grown in importance.
Not only it teaches you a trick or two to keep onsite hazards at bay, but also equip you with skill and competence required to progress in the industry.
If you have finally decided to have a CSCS Card in your name, this is where you’ll be sitting your CSCS Test – prerequisite for the CSCS Card – at:


Pearson Professional Centres – Isle of Benbecula
Caladh Trust Centre
Balivanich East Camp
Isle of Benbecula


– The test centre is located on the edge of Balivanich village 200 metres from the main road

You are nearly four times as likely to get ill or injured or sites rather than on any other workplace. By enabling you to preempt onsite safety hazards, CSCS Card makes you – and the whole site by extension – safer and healthier. The next advantage is the qualifications and competence you earn in attempt to secure the card.

At Construction Helpline we can help you get the right CSCS Card in Isle of Benbecula. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to get a CSCS Card

With Construction Helpline by your side, you can get your CSCS Card with the eyes shut. Yeah! Just give us a call on 0207 199 9800 and we will see how can we get your card issued and then delivered to your doorstep.

We help you get a CSCS Card

With over a dozen CSCS Cards, and each having different set of requirements needing, help is expected by and provided to: the customer. Once you zero in on a particular CSCS Card, we help you complete all the course/test/NVQs required to get the card.

Just ring us up on 0207 199 9800 or go to . As far as helping customers get their CSCS Card in Isle of Benbecula is concerned, Construction Helpline is unrivaled.

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