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CSCS Card in Bolton

Why should you get a CSCS Card in Bolton?

If you want to climb the construction job ladder, have a pick of the jobs and near enough guarantee yourself a good, sustainable income then you need to get a CSCS Card. Why? Well how about the fact that the majority of construction sites are denying access to tradesmen without a CSCS Card? What about the fact that CSCS Cards demonstrate that your health and safety knowledge is sufficient enough that you won’t pose a danger to others – and yourself on site? Or how about the fact that it’s solid proof of the skills and qualifications you’ve accrued over the years?
If you’re sold on the prospect of getting a CSCS Card, then you’ll need to take a CSCS Test in Bolton.



Pearson Professional Centres Bolton 34 Queensbrook Bolton Technology Exchange Bolton BL1 4AY


– The CSCS Test Centre is situated near to the town centre off Spa Road, 300 yards on the right from its junction with Moor Lane
– There is a steepled church and motorcycle shop at that junction
– Look for the Bolton Technology Exchange sign at the site entrance
– The CSCS Test Centre is first on the right within that complex
A CSCS Card is now mandatory if you want to get on site. Construction firms and the construction industry are united in their message to tradesmen: No CSCS Card, no entry on site. It’s that simple.
At Construction Helpline we can help get the right card for you in Bolton. For more information just give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to get a CSCS Card

Whether you’re a newbie when it comes to all things construction, or you’re a seasoned professional, sometimes it can be confusing which card you’re eligible for. Thankfully help is close at hand through our team of talented construction experts who know a thing or two about getting CSCS Cards. So give us a call now on 0207 199 9800.

We help you get a CSCS Card

We pride ourselves on being the ‘one stop shop’ for the construction industry. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we leave no stone unturned in a bid to get the right for you.
Apply online or give us a call on 0207 199 9800. When it comes to getting a CSCS Card in Bolton, look no further than Construction Helpline.

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