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CSCS Card in Sheffield

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Sheffield?

One of the advantages of living in a large city like Sheffield is that you don’t have to make much effort to have a CSCS Card. You get the CSCS Test centre close to your residence and rest of the process (of owning the CSCS Card) can be completed either on call or online.
Just to update you, CSCS Card is like a permit for tradesmen to work on construction sites across the UK. What the card achieves is a more productive and safer workforce. No surprise why companies reject card-less tradesmen, however experienced they are!
So visit your nearest CSCS Test Centre today and get in on obtaining your CSCS Card. Here are all the details you need:


Pearson Professional Centre – Sheffield
3rd floor, Orchard House
Leopold Street
S1 2GY


– The CSCS Test Centre is situated at the junction of Leopold St and Fargate in the centre of Sheffield
– The building entrance is on Leopold St – opposite the Yorkshire Building Society. Name of the building, Orchard House, is on the wall directly above the entrance
– For additional assistance: there are automatic glass entrance doors located near a large bus shelter

CSCS Card demonstrates that one is equipped to tackle health and safety risks on sites that otherwise cost billions to industry. Moreover, it also establishes that holder has the qualifications needed to do his job well. This is why CSCS Card holders enjoy a decent career while non-holders even struggle to get an ordinary job.

At Construction Helpline we can help you get the right CSCS Card in Sheffield. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to get a CSCS Card

You can initiate the process just by ringing us up on 0207 199 9800. Or you can even head to our website and set the ball rolling. Once connected, you can trust us to get your card issued and delivered in no time.

We help you get a CSCS Card

With certain CSCS Cards getting scrapped and new ones surfacing, just knowing the card most suitable to your work can be tough for some. This is where we fill in. Armed with years of experience in dealing with CSCS Card, we will walk you through all the steps required to secure your CSCS Card.

Just ring us up on 0207 199 9800 or go to . As far as helping customers get their CSCS Card is concerned, Construction Helpline is unrivaled.

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