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CSCS Card in Kent

Why should I get a CSCS Card in Kent?

The sprawling county of Kent is in dire need of skilled qualified tradesmen. With large-scale housebuilding plan pencilled to begin, construction firms are on the lookout for tradesmen with a CSCS Card. But why these tradesmen in particular? Well it appears that construction firms favour tradesmen with CSCS Cards as they demonstrate the skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge of all things health and safety required to be a significant asset on any construction site.
If you’re intent on getting a CSCS Card today, you’ll need to sit – and pass – something known as a CSCS Test in Kent. Thankfully we’ve got all the details you need to help you do just that:


Pearson Professional Centres Chatham 14-16 high Street Chatham ME4 4EP


– From Rochester Railway Station, turn left and walk for about half a mile (around a 5 minute walk)
– The CSCS Test Centre is on the right hand side of the road, opposite a large car showroom
– When travelling via car, you will need to be aware that your SATNAV will direct you to the old High Street
– You should enter Gundulph Road for the correct High Street
– The CSCS Test Centre is located within 50 yards of this junction
With the boom in housing comes a boom in jobs. Make sure you aren’t left out and get your CSCS Card today.
At Construction Helpline we can help get the right card for you in Kent. For more information just give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to get a CSCS Card

Did you know that even if you don’t pick up anything on a construction site or do any work relating to construction, there’s still a card for you? Yes it’s absolutely true! Our team of experienced construction advisers help hundreds of people each year get the right CSCS Card so they can work on site. So give us a call on 0207 199 9800 and see how we can help you today.

We help you get a CSCS Card

There’s a reason why we’re the construction industry’s ‘one stop shop’. From cards, tests and even courses to help progress your career, it’s all here, under one roof.
Apply online or give us a call on 0207 199 9800. When it comes to getting a CSCS Card in Kent, look no further than Construction Helpline

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