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CSCS Card in Helmsdale

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Helmsdale?

What is the standard way to boast your competence as a tradesman in the UK construction industry? The answer is ownership of the CSCS Card. Moreover the ability to preempt onsite injuries and sickness is also inherent to CSCS Card holders – a trait considered invaluable by companies as onsite casualties hurt them big.
With majority of construction firms refusing jobs and promotions to card-less tradesmen, it is absolutely vital to get your CSCS Card in Helmsdale to secure your career.
Get your CSCS Card if you haven’t got one so far by taking your CSCS Test in Helmsdale today. Pass the test, hand in your qualifications, and the card is yours. The CSCS Test centre is just around the corner. Check for yourself:


Pearson Professional Centres – Helmsdale
Bridge Hotel Car Park
Dunrobin St


– From Helmsdale town you will need to cross the bridge, turn left past the Belgrave Hotel
– The Centre is the next building to the hotel
– The car park is opposite the Bridge Hotel in the centre of Helmsdale and well-signposted
– Please Note a mobile testing center is in use at this location

With rising adoption of CSCS Card helping companies reduce onsite casualties, it makes sense for them to disqualify card-less workers from working.
At Construction Helpline we can help you get the right CSCS Card in Helmsdale. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to get a CSCS Card

Whether you’re a graduate or a school dropout, one with construction qualifications or a total newbie, we’ll arrange a CSCS Card for you. So go ahead, give us a call on 02027 199 9800 and learn more about how we can help you today.

We help you get a CSCS Card

We pride ourselves on being the ‘one stop shop’ for everything related to CSCS Cards. And once you book the card with us, we don’t relax until it reaches your doorstep.

Just give us a call on 0207 199 9800 or you can even apply online at . When it comes to getting a CSCS Card in Helmsdale, Construction Helpline is unmatchable.

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