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CSCS Card in Basildon

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Basildon?

With ambitious redevelopment projects in action, Basildon is like a gold mine of construction jobs. The question is, do you have the equipment (CSCS Card) required to mine the riches?
Just have a look at the projects and do the math as to how many jobs they would create:
• A town centre college for up to 2,000 students
• Shops, restaurants, offices and public squares
• And most importantly: 2,000 new houses

This is just the tip of the iceberg as small scale construction and renovation work – a major generator of jobs – has not been taken into account.
Having the CSCS Card in Basildon will make you invaluable to companies who are looking for competent tradesmen like you to work on projects. However, in order to lay your hands on the CSCS Card: you’ll first need to take a CSCS Test in Basildon.


Pearson Professional Centre – Basildon
Southgate House Suite 1A – First Floor
Town Square
SS14 1BN


-Make your way to ‘Town Square’ (the Town Centre)
-The entrance to Southgate House is to be found next to Nationwide Building society and opposite Boots the chemist
-The CSCS Test centre is on the 1st floor

CSCS Card has become a standard for quality in tradesmen to the extent that you won’t get any job without it. It certifies you can minimize onsite casualties – through CSCS Test – in addition to improving productivity (a qualified worker is deemed more productive).
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