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CSCS Card in Bridgend

Why should you get your CSCS Card in Bridgend?

Construction industry is unanimous in their quest for fully qualified workforce. And this dream is soon going to be realized with number of unqualified workforce coming all the way down to mere 20%. To state the obvious, future is going to side with skilled and qualified workforce (CSCS Card holders, in other words) while leaving others high and dry.
Get your CSCS Card in Bridgend today to secure your tomorrow.
CSCS Card signals a tradesman’s qualifications and health and safety knowledge. But in order to get this card, you’ll need to sit what’s known as a CSCS Test, which tests your knowledge of health and safety issues on construction sites. If you need to sit a CSCS Test in Bridgend, all the details you need are below.


Pearson Professional Centres – UK Bridgend
4th Floor, Brackla House
Brackla Street
CF31 1BZ


– From Bridgend train station, walk north-west
– Turn left onto Court Road
– Turn left towards Brackla Street
– Turn right towards Brackla Street
– Slight left towards Brackla Street
– Turn left towards Brackla Street
– Your destination will be on the right

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How to get a CSCS Card

Clueless about where to begin from? You have landed at the right place. We call ourselves Construction Helpline and issuing over 100 CSCS cards is all in a day’s work for us. Ring us now on 0207 199 9800 to obtain the card that works best for you.

We help you get a CSCS Card

Whether you’re a veteran manager or just a newbie apprentice, there’s a CSCS Card with your name on it. Armed with knowledge and experience, we have a team that has a solution for every problem related to CSCS Card.
Apply online or give us a call on 0207 199 9800. When it comes to getting a CSCS Card in Bridgend, look no further than Construction Helpline.

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