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Building and Civil Engineering Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management

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Construction sites are workplaces that offer with recruitments to many eligible and certified candidates. Building and civil engineering Level 6 NVQ is a Diploma certification course that offers candidates with a chance to make their career in this field both at entry level and an advanced level. The certified candidate is hired by leading construction industries for a high pay scale, based on his level of skill and experience. The competency-based Diploma certification is designed to help candidates earn Diploma certification on completion of the course.

What is this?

The certification is a type of professional Diploma that is offered for candidates who want to get started within the construction work site under Civil engineering or building works. On completion of this diploma certificate course, the candidate can offer his expertise within the building and civil engineering sectors in the construction site.

The course opens up new doors of opportunities for the candidate to show his skills and expertise on the basis of his knowledge and learning skills. They will develop their skills to be hired as construction managers at the workplace to undertake demolition and other construction tasks.

Why is it required?

The course is mandatory for any candidate who wants to get started with working in the construction field. One of the reasons to undergo this training program is that the process of joining the construction field under civil and building engineering categories becomes easy and simplified.

The candidate, after completion of the course, will be a trained professional technician and will have all knowledge and skills that he may have to show at the time of working on any project.

He will be eligible to carry out any task at the workplace under the supervision of the Civil engineers and other superior site managers. He will also be able to help in building a comfortable work environment for his co-workers at the workplace by implementing health and safety techniques.


In order to be eligible for the Diploma certification, it is mandatory that the candidate should score a minimum of 189 credit points to his credit. The points that the candidate has to earn should be from the Mandatory units under various categories.

It is also obvious that the candidate will be offered with convenience to make a selection from the optional units as well. But the convenience has been provided to the candidate that he may not have to focus on meeting minimum point criteria from any of the optional categories. Any point earned from the optional units will be considered as an added advantage for the candidate at the time of certification and job hiring process.

The candidate is also expected to show his best skills at the workplace as coordination and interaction with his co-workers and superiors. His performance at the workplace is also considered as additional qualification by the hiring team.

How to apply?

To apply the candidate has to ensure that he has applied via the official web portal. He can also log on to and get registered for the Diploma certification for Construction NVQ certification.

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