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Demolition Level 6 NVQ Diploma QCF in Construction Site Management

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Demolition Level 6 NVQ certification is for candidates who are ambitious and want to get established within the construction site industry. The diploma based certification course is the best choice for candidates who are willing to offer their contribution in exchange fora high pay scale job. The certification will offer candidates an opportunity to work in the construction industry as a demolition man. The main role of the candidate will be to under all tasks that are involved with the process of demolition of structures.

What is this?

The authorities have provided an opportunity to polish their skills to help candidates get more familiar with the task of undertaking structural demolition jobs easily. The course has been set up to help candidates accomplish all possible guidelines that they need to follow when performing this job.

The task involves a lot of risks as it has to be performed without actually damaging any other structure nearby. This technique makes use of different types of manual as well as automated equipment to perform the task. In a few cases, the candidates are also trained to make use of a high level and low-level explosive materials for the demolition of high rise structures.

Why is it required?

When performing demolition of any structures, there are chances that accidents may occur. This can be a life-threatening situation for all other co-workers working at the site nearby. You also need to keep in mind that if the act is not performed, keeping in mind all safety regulations, then the equipment may also be damaged.

Industry employers always ensure that only well-trained professionals are hired for this job position to prevent such accidents from happening at the work lace

NVQ certification is one of the best ways for employers to ensure that only the right candidates are hired by the company. Apart from this, the course is also designed to help students learn demolition basics and the right method to follow when at the work site.

The certification is also important for candidates as it provides them with an opportunity to gain a CSCS black card. At the same time, the certification also offers them an opportunity to help progress within this field at a much higher job position. The certification can be considered as a way to directly enter the construction field.


The job certification is accredited by the legal authorities. This means that in order to gain this diploma certification, candidates will have to prove their skills for theory and practical training. The certification is the only way that can help candidates get selected within the construction field for the job of a structure demolition man.

The candidate should have completed the course on time without missing out any theory or practical training session. It is important for the candidate to score minimum credit points from the final test. The certification will be awarded to the candidates who will showcase their learning skills via classroom knowledge and training workshop.

How to apply?

If any candidate wants to apply to get registered for this course, he will have to submit his documents and prior experience card along with the registration forms. Students who wish to get started with filling in the forms online can log on to and select the right option under Construction NVQ exam schemes. Construction helpline offers with all help you may need to get enrolled for this course.

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