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Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Wall and Floor Tiling (Construction)

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What’s exactly an NVQ?

People confuse the Construction NVQ to be a training course but it’s actually an assessment of the skills. Construction Helpline is an old and reputed organization that has got some high-quality tiling training courses that will teach you all the necessary skills required to be a tiller and preparing you for your assignment.

We have seen lots of agencies fooling new people in the name of offering tiling NVQ courses. The reality is that, if you want to achieve NVQ then you need to be already present on the job as you are assessed on the basis of it and not in a training environment. But still there’s one exception and i.e. you can get if you have gone through the Experienced Workers Practical Assessment and achieved an experienced tiling level by having minimum 5 years of provable experience.

Why to Take NVQ in Tiling?

The UK construction industry has some of its own rules which make it quite unique from the outside world. Here, for tiling, there’s not set qualification, and if you have got the necessary skills then you can be termed under this profession but the Construction NVQ is something which acts as proof of the required knowledge and skills.

See the requirement totally depends upon you! If you want to go ahead as a self-employed tiller, then there’s no need of anything. But, if you want to work on a construction site then you should definitely look out for Level 2 NVQ Diploma in the relevant domain. At Construction Helpline, we help students prepare in the most effective manner through our courses. Contact us right now to get in the right direction.

The Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Wall and Floor Tiling qualification was made for the people serving in the construction site which means that you already need to be in a job. The certificate repents your skills, competence, knowledge, and other related factors that can let you work as a wall and floor tiller in the industry or steal up learning new things.


Construction Industry can sometimes get a lot complex and confusing and in such cases, companies like Construction Helpline are always there to help you. For Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Wall & Floor tiling, you may have a lot of doubts and queries going in your mind which is quite common for any individual who is going through all this for the first time. Remember, we are just a call away to help you!

Our courses have been designed in the most creative way that will let you grasp the deep knowledge and skills required to attain your Construction NVQ. If you want to do independent work, just go through the basic skills course. But if your plans are bigger and you want to expand high in the construction industry then go through the course and then the NVQ procedure. We will be there to assist you right from the start to the end of the journey.

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