Planning Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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Planning Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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For any candidate seeking a career in the construction field within operations management can apply for registration under Planning Level 6 NVQ program.  The course is designed for candidates who are interested in joining contracting operations within the planning area. This task involves monitoring the working within all other areas, including safety and welfare.

The candidate, when working in this job position, will be performing various tasks involving planning and monitoring systems and operations. He will also be responsible for taking all major decisions related to designing and planning for accomplishing any tasks.

What is this?

The course is a type of certification course that is mandatory for any candidate who wants to make a bright career within the construction field for operations management. He will develop his skills related to carrying out and maintaining a relationship with other co-workers at the job site. He has to look into various tasks that are related to project completion and evaluation of project cost and planning.

The course has been designed to help the candidate gain all knowledge related to carrying out various tasks related to implementing effective methods at the job site. He will also be learning about developing his skills and knowledge related to preparing procedure schedules for other workers at the work site. Taking important decisions, project guidance, and assisting other co-workers are some of the skills that he will be able to put to practical use after completing the course.

Why is it required?

The course offers the candidate with the desired level of knowledge and skill practice that the candidate will have to put into practical use at the work site. The skills are important for the candidate if he wishes to boost his performance at the workplace or even if he wants to get into this field at the entry level or for the managerial post.

On completion of the course, the candidate will be efficient in performing tasks independently without assistance from the superiors or employers. The certification also proves the eligibility of the candidate to the employers at the time of undergoing the hiring process.

He will be able to evaluate other workers at the work site for their work methods and knowledge. He shall be offered with all relevant details that he is to observe at the work site related to safety and health measure.


The course is a certified course that is job oriented and competency based. This means that in order to get registered under the course, the candidate will have to possess prior knowledge working within the construction contraction field.

It is important for the candidate to prove his skills and learning power during the course duration by completing classroom lessons and practical training program.

The candidate is free to make the selection of categories from the optional units as per his excellence and expertise. Selection of one unit from the optional category is mandatory for any candidate who wants to be certified for Level 6 planning test.

How to apply? is a professional service that helps any candidate to get registered for the test. They also offer all details related to course study materials and to fill in the online registration form for construction NVQ certification.

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