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Buying Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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The construction field is vast, and hundreds or thousands of workers are always engaged within this field at different job positions. You may find operators and workers handling all types of tasks like handling heavy duty machines, cranes, conveyor belts, crushers, transporters, etc. Being a professional field, professional certifications like buying level 6 NVQ or other NVQ certification are required by candidates.

What is this?

NVQ level 6 buying certification is a professional competency-based certification for workers seeking a bright career in the construction field.  The course is a job-based course that is considered as qualification for any candidate who wants to make his career within this field.

The course is best to help candidates get familiarized with purchase and management related jobs that are to be performed at the workplace. So the candidate is tested for his skills with buying equipment, machines, and materials for the construction industry and job site.

At the time of the course duration, it is obvious that candidates are expected to get a lot of learning skills, knowledge, and practical experience. This course is designed with an aim to help candidates overcome challenges faced when applying for relevant job positions in the construction field.

Why is it required?

The course is mandatory for any candidate who wants to get started with building his career in the construction job site. This also means that in order to aim to boost your career in this field, it is mandatory for you to appear for the NVQ test for Level 6.

At the end of the course, each of the candidates, who appear and scores passing grades in the test, will be offered with competency certification issued by NVQ authorities. The candidate can immediately get started with looking around for a career in buying goods and materials or machines for the relevant company as a job position or even freelancer.


One of the points that you need to keep in mind is that NVQ is considered as nationwide services that are provided by the authorities for eligible candidates only. So in order to be considered for this certification or test, the candidate has to be a valid certified employee within the construction field. It is also certain that fresher’s can only apply if he is holding all relevant educational qualifications.

Apart from educational certifications, the candidate also needs to produce his past experience job skills in the relevant field in buying category.

At the entry level, you need to produce your valid education qualifications. For fresh candidates holding valid NVQ certifications at entry level is not mandatory, but if experienced a previous level certification or job card (CSCS card) is mandatory.

For candidates who want to boost their career within the construction field, it is important for candidates to reflect their past experience in purchase sector. On completion of the course, the candidate will be awarded Black CSCS Card issued by CSCS authorities under the card scheme.

How to apply?

Grants are offered to the eligible candidate, but in general, he has to score passing grades in the relevant course categories. website is authorized to help candidates apply for the test and appear. All guidelines related to testing and exam is provided on the website for candidates. You can log on to the official website and collect details related to level 6 constructing NVQ certifications.

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