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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Floorcovering Occupations

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NVQ floorcovering occupations offer candidates with Diploma certification that is mandatory for any worker seeking a career within the construction industry, as floor covering skilled worker or supervisor. The Level 2 certification is designed to help candidates develop his basic and advanced level knowledge and skills related to jobs that need to be performed at the work site.

What is this?

This is a professional level Diploma certification that UK authorities have made mandatory for construction site workers. The course has been designed by the UK authorities that have to be completed by each candidate opting for this career within the decided time frame.

For any candidate, to qualify, it is important that he has to complete minimum hours of guided learning and obtain desired credit value. Once qualified, the candidate will be applicable for applying for NVQ Level 2 Diploma certification.

Why is it required?

One of the major requirements for this Diploma certification is that the candidate has to prove his proficiency within the selected field in the Construction industry. The moment you opt for this Diploma training, the candidate is expected to improve his proficiency within major areas within the construction industry for floor covering.

The candidate will be required to develop his skills with making perfect evaluations and assessment of the workplace along with knowledge of installing floorcoverings.

The candidate will also be exposed to various methods that he is expected to cover to prepare background surfaces for installing floor coverings. The process of setting out floor covering plans and working layouts will also be covered during the course period.

During this time, the candidate is also expected to gather the knowledge related to methods to be followed for laying different floor coverings along with making basic preparations for underlays.

The course has also been designed to help the candidate develop his skills and experience related to repairing and installing textile floor coverings at the construction site workplace.


The main aim of the level 2 Diploma is to ensure that the candidate gains sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding related to his work at the construction site. It also enables a candidate to get familiar with his supportive role within the construction workplace.

The Diploma is a type of certification that candidate may need at the time of being hired by the employers related to CSCS card schemes. The candidate has to prove via his qualifications that he is efficient to perform his role within the industry.

To qualify, the candidate has to score a minimum of 127 score points from optional units for 18 credit value along with ten units that are mandatory with a credit score of 109 points.

How to apply?

To apply for the Construction NVQ diploma certification, the candidate can apply via an online web portal of offered by the construction authorities. This official web portal offers with details related to course material and qualifications required by the candidate.

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