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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – Non-Structural Concreting

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Non-structural concreting is an important task that has to be carried out efficiently at any construction work site. The skilled labours to perform this task are having big demand within the construction field and other relevant sites. To ensure that you get prior knowledge related to skill development and training, it is important to enrol under the Diploma certification.

What is this?

As mentioned above, the course is designed to certify the deserving candidate with Diploma certificate. So, the authorities have offered with convenience where the candidates can focus on getting enrolled for certification course via online and offline media.

The course has been designed for candidates such that on its completion, the candidates will be offered with NVQ Level 2 Diploma certification.

As a part of the course, the candidates are expected to CITB test their skills for theory and workshop skills for layering concrete works. The course offers with complete training for candidates that they need to focus on at the time of concrete making, preparation, levelling, layering and erecting.

This includes different types of tasks that the candidate may have to perform in different areas within the construction work site. The main job position also includes getting familiar with all possible precautions that the operator may have to consider related to maintaining ideal temperature, pressure, and the ration of materials at the time of concrete preparation.

Why is it required?

The authorities want to ensure that any type of concrete preparation, levelling or layering work that has been performed at the work site has to be done perfectly. This factor is important as concrete is what offers the building with its strong foundation so it can withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions.

The operator or candidates who undergo this course shall get an opportunity to be familiar with these skills and gain knowledge that can be applied at the workplace.

The Diploma certification ensures that the candidate will not have to undergo any other evaluation procedure as he already holds his proficiency for performing the task in the construction industry.

Apart from this, the certification is also important to help the candidate be identified to be allotted with a designated position under the card schemes. So it is ideal that once qualified, he shall be identified as a professionally skilled person, who has gained all knowledge and skills for performing the tasks.


One of the main criteria is that during the course duration, the candidate needs to fit in basic criteria. As per the guidelines collected from the official web portal, the candidates who want to get enrolled under this course should try and score an overall score of 340 points.

It is important that the candidates need to try and collect these scores from two different categories. From the optional category, the candidate should try and score from one category while mandatory units he may have to collect maximum points.

The authorities have made it mandatory for candidates to collect 4 scores from both mandatory and optional category.

The course is also best described as job oriented course such that at the end of the course, the candidate will not have to look around for jobs. The certification offers candidates with a guarantee so he will be immediately hired by the employers within the construction industry.

How to apply?

The candidates can get registered at and enrol for the construction NVQ Diploma certification. Construction Helpline offers help to candidates who want to get started with their careers in the construction field.

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