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Construction NVQ Level 6 Courses

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What is Construction NVQ Level 6?

Construction NVQ Level 6 courses is designed exclusively for site managers who intend to attain NVQ Management Qualification through an authorized traditional program. It comprises of six one day modules along with two on-site assessments visit within six months.

One of the benefits of attaining Construction NVQ Level 6 is that it allows candidates to progress towards the next higher stage. If necessary, they may apply for a Management CSCS Black Card. Grants are also delivered to the candidates by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

NVQ Level 6 was introduced for the ones who wish to be employed in the field of construction. The duration, of course, is purely based upon the grasping power of delegates to collect evidence. They should be able to present the accumulated evidence during the training period.

Candidates performance are monitored through a diverse range of techniques such as close observations, professional discussions, written questions, testimonials of witness and evidence collected from the worksite.

What are the formal entry requirements?

NVQ Qualification would access the innate abilities and competence of the candidates. Each student should be sixteen years of age to be considered eligible for the post of Construction Site Manager. The price of the course includes Value Added Tax including registration fees. Construction Industry Training Board is currently offering two payment plans.

50% of upfront expenses and the remaining balance to be paid at the final stage of the course.

Why it is required?

Construction NVQ Level 6 is essential to enhance the level of confidence to execute management responsibilities effectively. However, candidates have to go through formal entry requirements, booking terms and conditions by exploring the official website of CSCS.

What is the evidence through this course?

Some of the evidence collected through Construction NVQ Level 6 courses are as follows:

  • Monitoring and opening up job opportunities for the team members
  • Controlling, Management and keeping track of environmental factors
  • Making sure that various tasks and resource comply with project work requirements
  • Developing project dimensional control criteria
  • Assessing feedback information and suggesting improvements
  • Appropriately planning the preparation of various site projects

Construction NVQ Level 6 is a cost-effective program that offers multiple benefits to the delegates. A comprehensive review and overhaul of the internal systems while undertaking the NVQ Qualification. Explore the official site of CITB for more details.


Delegates should be engaged in a construction site as a site manager in some of the core areas like:

  • Conservation
  • Demolition
  • Residential Development
  • Building and Civil Engineering
  • Maintenance and repair of buildings

How to apply?

Concerned officials access the suitability of course based on questionnaire form filled by delegates. The form can be downloaded through the official site in PDF format. It has to be submitted to a valid email ID of CITB (Construction Industry Training Board). Apart from that, delegates are requested to carry a valid photo, passport and driving license.

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