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Highways and Maintenance Repair Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management

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Construction jobs also involve working on highway maintenance and repairs project works. The work is generally a part of the much bigger project works including setting up new townships etc.  This means that the construction industry also needs to hire professional workers who can work on such projects. Highways and maintenance repair Level 6 NVQ certification is the right course for these candidates.  The course proves helpful for candidates who wish to be a professional construction field worker and boost their career within this field.

What is this?

Being a profession oriented field, the construction site is one place that always ensures that only skilled workers and professionals are hired. This field also offers growth opportunities for candidates who wish to earn health income consistently. CSCS and local authorities offer candidates with a selection of NVQ certification.

The course is a type of professional course that offers candidates with exposure to the type of work they may have to perform at the construction site for road maintenance and repair works. When getting registered for this course, the candidates have to be familiar with making use of plant and machines that will prove useful for construction works. He also has to be familiar with the type of materials he shall be used at the construction site.

The course offers the candidate with in-depth knowledge and training to work under the same job conditions. He will also be familiar with polishing his skills to operate different types of plant and machinery at the workplace.

Why it is required?

One of the main reasons why most authorities always look around for certified candidates is that they can ensure that not much of the time is wasted once the candidate has been hired. The trained professional who has taken course training will already be aware of the duties he may have to perform at the work site.

He will also be aware of knowledge related to the type of material he is expected to use when doing repair works at the site. This will ensure that each of the hired candidates is certified and so not much of inspection will be required for the work completed.

A certified candidate will already be aware of all possible safety and health measures he may have to follow for his co-workers at the work site.


The course is a proficiency-based course and so it is required that the candidate has to prove his skills on completion of the course. To get certified the candidate is expected to gain desired marks from each of the selected categories under the course.

The candidate has to prove his skills both under mandatory and optional units. It is also important that any candidate who wants to opt for a higher level job card has to hold his valid level 5 card from a reputable construction company and in the relevant field.

How to apply? is one of the ways for candidates to get into this field. The website provides all help that the candidate requires to get registered for the course and to appear for the test. He will also be able to download details related to study materials and request for professional assistance before appearing for construction NVQ test.

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