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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Steelfixing Occupations – Site Carpentry

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The construction work site has attracted many candidates to get started with their career in this industry lately. NVQ steelfixing occupations are one of the best ways that candidates can make use of for getting started with career building in constructions.

The proficiency program offers the best training and knowledge development for candidates. The course has been designed to offer skill development and knowledge development at various stages relevant to the construction works.

What is this?

The course is a NVQ Level 2 Diploma certification programme that is mandatory for any candidate who wants to get started with his career within constructions. The diploma is a proficiency that trains and polishes all basic and advanced skills for each candidate during the course duration.

The entire programme is expected to be completed by the candidate in a single attempt for both practical (in the workshop) and theory (in classroom) sessions.

At the end of the course duration, the candidate will be exposed to different types of work practices with handling and creating resources.

Why is it required?

As mentioned earlier, the course is mandatory as it offers selected candidates with Diploma certification on completion. This diploma ensures that the awarded candidate is fit to work in selected areas within the construction field.

It offers with the right level of training as practical and learning knowledge for different skills including storing, manufacturing, moving, producing resources, handling and developing basic knowledge and skills related to health care, welfare and safety programme at the work site.

As a part of the training course, candidates can develop skills with metal fabrication, reinforcement, cutting and shaping steels metal frame and rods that are commonly used at the site.

The candidate will also develop his skills related to situ fixing, carrying out basic prefabrication tasks on steel sections and frames.


The course requirement, in general, is related to the construction work qualifications. It is needed that the candidate who wants to apply for the course will need to hold his basic level of education from a reputable academic institution.

Any candidate who wants to appear for the Level 2 NVQ program needs to hold a valid Level 1 NVQ certification or equivalent qualification. This is to ensure that the candidate is already aware of some of the basic tasks that he may have to perform at the work site.

The diploma certification program also ensures that candidates who want to seek their career within the construction field should, in fact, hold some basic technical skills related to the construction works.

The course will offer with competencies required by the candidate within the construction field to work for the post of steel fixer. He has to develop his skills to interact with site managers, employer and co-workers.

The diploma offers with convenience where the candidate does not have to undergo any additional certification to work within a construction site as steel fixer. At the end of the course, the selected candidates are offered with work cards and diploma certification to get started with career building in the construction work area.

How to apply?

The Construction NVQ certification is offered to meet the technical and academic requirements of the work at the construction site. If you are serious about boosting your career in the construction field, then visit and check with NVQ course materials and exam details.

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