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Level 2 Diploma in Plant Maintenance

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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in plant maintenance offers candidates with eligibility to work within the construction site as plant maintenance operator. The field is vast, and candidates have an opportunity to work within construction work for plant maintenance and repairs. The qualification is competency based and so is recognized by industry leaders and authorities. So if you are the one who wants to get started with your career with equipment and plant repairs at the construction site, then this is the best course for you.

What is this?

The qualification is best described as a competency-based qualification that if awarded by the authorities and approved by the CSCS and CITB. The qualification has also been accredited as per the National standards and QCF and has been endorsed within the construction sector to enhance their skills with plant and equipment maintenance.

One of the main features to keep in mind is that the qualification is a combination of multiple units from mandatory and optional categories. The candidates are free to make a selection of any category from the optional unit to combine it with the mandatory units to polish their skills within this sector.

The proficiency of the course is decided as per the credit points awarded to the candidate at the end of the course. The assessment at the end will be on the basis of credit scores collected from the mandatory units as well as optional units (which in few cases may not be applicable).

Why is it required?

The course is required so that the candidate can gain credit points that will prove his eligibility to work within the relevant job position. Each of the credit point earned by the candidate reflects around 10 hours that he might have to spend during the course duration for any unit selected. On average, the candidate is expected to earn an overall of 37 credit points, which is equivalent to around 370 hours during the course duration.

This is also described as the minimum score point that the candidate is expected to earn from the mandatory units. The guidelines provided in the course will help the candidate polish his skills for performing the maintenance task for all types of equipment and plants that are in use at the construction workplace.

As per level 2 qualification, the candidate is expected to undertake a total of 95 hours as guided learning along with internal as well as external assessment at the end.


In order to qualify for the certification and CSCS job card, the candidate has to try and score a minimum of 95 credit points in both assessments. At the entry level, the authorities do not need to request the candidate to provide with any specific qualifications. For an initial assessment, it is important that the candidate should pass the entry-level assessment to be enrolled.

When opting for the advanced level course for a higher ranking CSCS card, the candidate will have to produce past experience and desired CSCS card.

How to apply?

The course is open for all types of candidates – fresh and experienced. Any candidate who wishes to get enrolled for this certification can now apply online via

Construction Helpline will offer guidelines for candidates to appear for the exam and Diploma certification. Any candidate who wants to gather information related to construction NVQ study material can also log online or look around for authorized CSCS and CITB web portals.

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