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General Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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General Level 6 NVQ course is designed to help candidates offer their skills within the construction field for general proficiency. The course is a type of competency-based certification for any candidate who wants to prove his skills via practical and learning assessment. In general, the candidate has to prove his efficiency via past experience and workshop skills on the basis of his knowledge and practical learning power.

What is this?

The course is a type of competency-based certification course for any candidate who wants to make his career within the construction field. So if you are looking around for an easy way to get into the construction field under Operations management, then NVQ course is the right option for you. The course is for candidates who want to get certified to be eligible to work under the general job positions in various categories at the advanced level.

The course is generally opened for candidates who are already holding their past experience in working in this field. Any candidate who wants to get started within this field as Fresher can also apply for this NVQ certification.

To claim for the relevant card under the scheme, it’s important that the candidate should appear for the course and pass it with desired passing scores.

Why is it required?

The construction field is vast and offers candidates with wide job positions and opportunities. The field involves a lot of risk for any worker, so the authorities have made it compulsory that the candidate has to be eligible to apply for any job position.

The point is that the industry only hires candidates who are eligible to take up their role as responsible workers. This fact ensures that the candidate is already well trained and aware of the type of tasks he will have to perform at the job site.

The moment any company hires any candidate who is holding a valid certification, then it is certain that he will not have to prove his proficiency with performing any task. After completion of the course, the candidate is certified by the authorities to apply for the relevant job position under general category.


The candidate has to be eligible in order to prove his proficiency to work in the construction site. He has to produce all relevant documentation and certifications to the authorities when being interviewed. The certificate eliminates the need such that the candidate will not have to be tested by the employers before being hired.

Prior to applying a fresh candidate will have to get registered for the course. The selection of the course has to be made from amongst different categories that are optional and mandatory for any job position. It is also important for the candidate to complete classroom sessions and workshop sessions for selected hours. At the end of the course, each candidate will have to appear for the assessment test in both theory and practical knowledge.

How to apply?

The process of applying for any candidate is simple as the course is available online on web portals. You can log on to the official web portal and get registered for the course and evaluation test. website is designed to help candidates to apply for the course and get certified by the CSCS authorities. You can browse for level 6 Construction NVQ tests on the web portal.

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