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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork Erector and Striker

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Formwork Erector and Striker Level 2 is competency level Diploma course for candidates looking around for making their career in the construction industry and relevant work site. Being competency certification, the candidates are offered with the right type of training that is required for developing knowledge and skills.

What is this?

The course is a Diploma certification course that is offered to the candidates who want to work in the construction industry. Once the candidate has completed the course, he will be eligible for applying for a relevant post at the construction work site. During the course duration, the candidates will be offered with right training and education for application in different areas including fabrication job work; maintenance works, striker works and erection works in the construction work site.

Why is it required?

One of the main advantages is that the Diploma is accredited by various construction companies and relevant job firms within the UK. So, if you want to be a professional employee or even get started with jobs related to construction sites, you may have to opt for this diploma certification course.

The certification can be considered as your license to enter the ever-expanding construction industry within the UK as a licensed professional. This offers candidates with confidence when working within the industry. At the same time, employers also feel confident when hiring a certified Diploma holder from NVQ.


To get a successful job in the construction field, your qualifications and skills play a major role. When speaking of skilled tasks, it is important that the candidate selection is made only after looking into the skills of the candidate.

When opting for Diploma certification NVQ Level 2, it is certain that you are automatically eligible to be hired by a reputable employer. You can apply for various job positions as formworker, erector or striker.

During the course period, the candidates are exposed to different areas within the work site, thus offering a chance to the candidates to develop and polish their skills and competency.

It can be considered as additional qualification such that no prior or post job experience is required the moment you apply for a job position under any employer.

Once you are selected, you may find yourself performing major roles within the construction industry as erector or striker in formworks.

The certification will only be allotted to the right candidate who manages to score an overall point of 42 minimum. This is the benchmark that each candidate who is appearing for the Diploma certification is expected to collect.

The candidate is also expected to cover the minimum score from 5 units that are considered to be mandatory along with remaining from the optional units.

Any candidate who has applied for the NVQ Level 2 diploma certification will be awarded certificate approved by the NVQ authority and employer or the centre.

How to apply?

One major advantage of this course is that it can be completed online as well as in various centres and college or universities within the UK. You can browse online at the official NVQ website and search for the nearest Construction NVQ centre. One such center is

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