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Level 2 Diploma in Steel Erecting

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For candidates seeking to boost their career within the construction field as steel erecting operators, the candidates can opt for level 2 Diploma in steel erecting. The qualification has been officially approved by the CCEA for England and Welsh authorities. The qualification is aimed at offering deserving candidates with the right level of knowledge and skills that they may have to display at the work site within the construction industry.

On completion of the course, the candidates get awarded with Diploma certificate that is considered as his eligibility certification to apply for the job position in the construction industry. The eligibility proves that the candidate is fit to work as per the regulatory specifications of the local authorities.

What is this?

The certification course is competency-based diploma course that has been designed to help candidates get started with steel erection and installation works at the work site. The course is designed to offer the candidate with skills and learning knowledge that he may have to display at the work site. The course is designed to be completed by the candidate in 420 hours out of which the candidate has to complete a minimum of 205 hours as guided in a classroom session.

The course helps prepare the candidate for undergoing and passing out the internal assessment conducted by the authorities. The course is designed to help candidate his skill level for the selected unit. The candidate is expected to undergo a strict assessment procedure at the end of the course that meets the industry standards. The standards thus set by the authorities are to assure that every candidate who passes out after the completion of the course is fit to apply for the job positions in the construction field.

Why is it required?

The course is required to be completed by the candidate so he can be exposed to learning the basic skills that he may have to perform being a steel erector at the work field.  The candidates are expected to maintain a productive relationship at the workplace, along with making use of constructive ways as per client’s requirements.

As per the authorities, the course completely eliminates the need for the candidate being tested at the workplace for his eligibility if he holds a valid certificate from the authorities. During the assessment, the candidate will be tested for his practical knowledge and learning skills as well as related to the job position.

The candidate is also expected to be familiar with the safety requirements that are to be observed at the work site after the course completion as per CSCS and CITB guidelines.


For candidates who are just planning to get started with this job, the position may not have to prove any skills to get registered for the course. Evidence related to prior job skills and work knowledge is to be provided as support by the candidates who wish to progress within this field for a higher ranking CSCS card. The candidates will also have to provide with details related to accomplishing screen test for health and safety if he is already working within the construction site.

How to apply?

The candidate who wishes to apply for getting registered for the CSCS card and diploma certification can now log on to the official website at Any candidate who wants to appear for the construction NVQ certification is free to apply for his position online by submitting relevant documents. Construction helpline offers candidates with help to pass out the diploma certificate course with passing scores.

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