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Level 2 NVQ in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – General Construction

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For candidates seeking their bright career within the General Construction, authorities have offered convenience to polish skills and gain more knowledge. The candidates can now focus on making their future bright within the construction industry, by opting for Diploma course certification.

What is this?

NVQ offers with competency course, where all basic skills of the candidates can be polished. This is the best opportunity for candidates who are skilled and want to get started with their career within the construction industry and civil engineering general services.

The moment you opt for general construction course, you may get the convenience of developing your basic skills related to distinct professional areas in the construction industry.

The qualification is thus considered as being work based; this means that once you have completed the certification course and awarded with the Diploma certificate, you are straight away eligible for applying for the job in the construction industry under general category.

This also offers with benefit to the candidates who are skilled and qualified to start earning good money at the construction site.

The course has also been designed such that on appearing for the Diploma from general category, you will have around eight distinct career opportunities opened for you.

The certification course is also aimed at targeting candidates who are already employed within the construction industry in various sectors. Apart from this, any candidate who is already holding a valid qualification and wants to boost his career in this industry can also opt for the Diploma programme.

Why is it required?

One of the main benefits of opting for NVQ diploma certification course is that the candidates can get certified to work within the construction field. This means that the course will always offer them with better job prospects for their future.

Another major advantage of opting for this course is that it is job focused. Any candidate who wants to pursue his career and get started within the construction industry can always ensure that once the course is completed, he shall not have to hunt for job opportunities. On completion, companies will automatically hire him to work at the job site.

Another main fact that you need to keep in mind is that by getting registered under the course, candidates will always be able to polish their skills with course material and workshop training.

The course has been designed such that the candidates will be polished with their skills for gaining academic knowledge to perform his job at the construction site. Apart from this, the workshop sessions will also offer the candidates a chance to polish their skills with practical works.


The course is focused on polishing skills, so the candidates will have to prove his ability to learn both theory and practical work. It is also certain that in order to be qualified the candidate will have to prove his proficiency and excellence by scoring passing grades in selected sections from the course.

The study material for the students have been collected from both optional and mandatory areas depending on the proficiency the candidate wants to gain on course completion.

How to apply?

The candidates can log on to and collect more information relating the study material and course dates. The web portal offers helping handsto candidates who are willing tohave a career within the Construction NVQ worksite.

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