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Level 2 NVQ in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – Laying Kerbs and Channels

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Within the construction and civil engineering sector, Laying Kerbs and Channels is an important task. The candidates are expected to perform on the basis of their skills developed during the learning process. The diploma certification not opnly assure employer about employee’s skills but its efficient performance too as he is trained through a certified training process.

What is this?

The NVQ authorities want to ensure that only the best candidates are offered with jobs in the construction field, and so NVQ certification is a must for candidates. Any candidate who wishes to opt for seeking a bright career in the constructions workplace has to produce Certification Diploma to the hiring authorities.

The certification is basically considered as work-oriented for construction field candidates. So it offers advantages to both experienced and fresh candidates with an opportunity to get registered for the course and earn Diploma certification.

Why is it required?

The reason why a number of candidates are opting for this certification course is that they get certified as a professional to work in the construction field. Apart from this, the certification also ensures that the candidates are offered with certification only after their skills and experience with the job industry have been tested and certified.

This factor is helpful for employers as they can trust the authentication of the Diploma Certification when hiring any potential candidate for the job position. The qualification thus offered to the candidate is nationally certified and accepted by major construction companies.

In order to be eligible for this certification, it is important that the candidate has to fulfil certain criteria factors before being enrolled for the course. The details related to the criteria process and requirements can also be collected by the candidate here.


Authorities have laid down certain selected criteria that are expected to be met by each enrolling candidate to meet the present industry requirements. The course, in general, is open for any candidate (fresh and experienced) but in most cases, authorities prefer minimum academic qualification to be completed by the candidate.

As per requirements, the candidate should have covered his basic level education from a reputable institute with passing grades. In order to possess the skills and knowledge for working in the construction industry, the candidate should also have a valid work card from a recognized construction company.

If any candidate lacks the basic NVQ certification, then it is advisable for him to hold valid health, safety and operative card from a reputed firm. This is a type of touch screen testing system that the candidate is expected to complete and hold his valid CSCS card.

For eligibility factor, the candidate is also expected to score points from both mandatory and optional units. From the optional units, he is expected to score passing grades in safety and health care unit, segregated area, modular pavement area or endorsement area.

Apart from this, he should hold basic skills to operate plants and machinery used within the construction work site.

How to apply?

To ensure that the candidate is able to enrol under the Diploma course, it is advisable to check with the official website of Construction Helpline at They offer helping hand for candidates who want excel the construction site jobs with a Construction NVQ certificate.

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