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Tunnelling Level 4 NVQ in Construction Site Supervision

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The level 4 diploma in the tunnelling stream of the construction industry is ideal for the construction site supervisor or manager level employees who wish to get certified on their tunnelling skills. The Construction NVQ assesses the learner’s skills and level of understanding of the industry and how you, as a learner conduct the day to day activities keeping the health and safety concerns of the fellow workers and the construction site.

Every learner will be assessed against their performance and knowledge in the field of Tunnelling to understand their competency in the matter. These valuations are developed and approved by the National Occupational Standards. The assessor will work along with the learner throughout the training and assessment period before a certification is issued.

Course units

The Tunnelling Level 4 NVQ requires successful completion of a set of course units. Apart from these mandatory courses, candidates have an option of taking up other related units in the course; these additional units call for the additional scores in the assessments. However, it is compulsory to clear the mandatory units to ensure the certification is complete.

Mentioned below are the mandatory units that need completion for certification:

  1. Maintain material supply to ensure that the project is completed within the quoted deadline
  2. Contribute significantly to control the work quantities and prices in the work site
  3. Allocate work to the employees and conduct a timely check on worker’s performance on the current project
  4. Supervise the tunnelling activities in the present workplace
  5. Develop and maintain optimistic occupational working relationships with other employees in the work site
  6. Maintain a successfully running system for Health, Safety, Welfare, and Environmental protection of all employees and the construction site
  7. Assess and recommend processes using which workers are able to carry out site operations in the construction site
  8. Plan work activities and resources in such a way that the customer requests and deadlines for the project are met
  9. Co-ordinate and organize an effective control of jobs for all workers in the construction site
  10. Control work progress against the pre-defined milestones customer has set for the project.
  11. Allocate and monitor the use of all equipment or machinery and the plant they are currently working from
  12. Control work according to the standard workplace regulations set by the company and the government

The optional course units that learners have an option of choosing from are;

  1. Implement communication systems for all construction workers irrespective of the project they have taken up currently
  2. Maintain the dimensional accuracy of the job in the construction site
  3. Co-ordinate and prepare jobs for the current job or the lifting operations construction site
  4. Manage personal and professional development in the construction site
  5. Contribute to the identification of teams under which employees will be working under in the construction site
  6. Identify and enable learning opportunities for these work teams in the work site

Tunnelling Level 4 NVQ is a qualification that is supported by the Federation – Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and hence many organizations are willing to fund the employee’s certification charges and this, letting the employee stand out in the crowd as a potential candidate for the organization.

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