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General Level 3 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations

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General Level 3 NVQ certification is for candidates who wish to commence their career within the construction contracting business as supervisors. The certification can be applied by any candidate who is seeking to gain relevant qualification after undergoing relevant training in this field.

At level 3, candidates are offered with a diploma after the completion of the course. Once they have been awardedthe diploma, they are free to work in the construction industry, starting from the supervisor level. They are also eligible to apply for the post of assistant supervisor or as gangers in the industry at the workplace.

What does the course include?

It is a general training and aptitude testing course that is designed to include different teaching modules. Apart from this, after the course has been successfully completed by the candidate, he has to undergo an on-site assessment of his learning and training skills. The assessment skills may also require the candidate to undergo practical training in a workshop at the assessment site.

What does the course cover?

The assessors have designed the course such that it will only be commenced in different levels or modules. In general, candidates may have to appear for six different modules during the assessment period. The entire course will be completed by the candidate in about six-month time frame where each of the modules will take around a month to complete.

In order to get qualified for the entire general module, the candidate will have to appear for assessment for which he may need a few extra months.

When undergoing the assessment, candidates are expected to get familiar with the basics of NVQ induction along with health and safety measures. Apart from this, the candidates will also develop their skills with management skills and leadership skills.

The course is designed such that it will also offer candidates with polishing their skills with customer care and communications. Some parts of the course will also focus on getting familiar with the environmental sustainability features that they are supposed to implement at the workplace. Logistics, programming and planning are also important areas that the candidates have to learn during the NVQ course.

The final stage of the assessment is the workshop exposure, where the candidate is expected to undergo online assessment. In order to avoid delays of course completion, the assessors always ensure that each candidate is offered with all possible support at the institute. These supports include refreshments and registration facilities.

Assessment and teaching

With an aim to make the learning more effective for candidates, institutes always ensure that workshops are organized for the candidates on a regular basis. These are implemented along with the normal classroom teaching. Industry experts are always willing to support any candidate as and when required to ensure that they gain perfect knowledge that is required at the workplace.

Procedure for assessment

In order to be assessed, each candidate is expected to complete the course as per the set duration. One on one online session is also organized for the candidate. For the final assessment, students are expected to attend a workshop to show their skills with any task that needs to be performed at the work site. Construction NVQ assessment is important for candidates who wish to explore their career in this field.

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